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How Much Money Should You Make from Blogging?

Lorelle VanFossen has started a problogging series on the Blog Herald and one of her recent posts is about whether blogger earnings are enough relative to national standards.

To make the average annual US income of $60,000, you need to make $34 an hour. If you are paid $5 a blog post, you would have to write 12,000 blog posts. At $25 a blog post, you would have to publish 2,400. For $50 per post, that’s 1200 posts. At $100 per blog post, you would have to generate 600 posts.

The overall sense I’m getting here is that blogging for money isn’t quite sustainable, considering that most bloggers (that I know of) are getting way below the ideal rate of $300+ per post–and that is for top-quality, well-researched output.

There are 52 weeks in a year. Most paid bloggers need to produce a minimum of 3 posts a week. That’s 156 posts a year. Divide the annual average income of $60,000 by 156 posts, that’s $385 per post. Anyone getting paid that much to blog? I doubt it. Notch this up to 5 posts a week and you’d need 260 blog posts at $230 per post. That’s better but most bloggers are paid $$25 or less per post.

At $25 a post, you’d need to write 2,400 blog posts to earn $60,000 a year. How long would that take you? Do you have 2,400 original blog posts within you?

Another factor not taken into consideration here, I would say, is those working in the blogging industry who are not in the US. So that means your cost of living (or the income you need in order to be happy, or at least to survive) may differ. It might be higher in some regions, say Western Europe, Tokyo or Singapore. But it would definitely be lower in other places where cost of living is low. So for instance some would be well off with a fraction of the $60,000 annual income that is cited as the target income.

Still, Lorelle comes up with some figures on how long it takes to research and write good-quality posts. She also touches on the per-post or per-hour argument.

So the question here is not about how much you are earning from blogging, which has probably been discussed in many many posts around the blogosphere. It’s how much you should be earning from blogging. Suffice to say that for me $60,000 per year would go a long, long way.

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  1. Rhea says: 7/16/2008

    I had never done the math before. This is really enlightening. Still, I think I can make a portion of my income from blogging. Just not sure how large a portion.


  2. Todd Andrews says: 7/16/2008

    Blogging works great when its an element of your online marketing income. If blogging is your end all be all, you are going to struggle


  3. David ) says: 7/16/2008

    change some of these formulas to 5+ posts PER DAY, and you get a whole different and more realistic story of full time blogging.


  4. Doug says: 7/16/2008

    Agree with David. The part about “Most paid bloggers need to produce a minimum of 3 posts a week” seems really light. I make a full time income blogging but I’m expected to produce around 200 posts per month.


  5. Danny Foo says: 7/17/2008

    If you don’t have a good blog from the start, you can’t command a higher value. So what excuse defeats this? Charge cheaper for writeups.

    No doubt all of us have an idea how much we should be earning but realistically speaking and observing the trend, it’s how much the advertiser is willing to pay as well. And again, do they feel it’s worth paying you higher if your blog isn’t as good?


  6. The Credit News says: 7/20/2008



  7. Fleur says: 7/21/2008

    Depending on what part of the world you are living, earning 1/3 or 1/2 of the projected $60,000 is not bad anymore. I agree with David. A more realistic approach of how blogging really works should be presented.


  8. gScott, aka "Big Daddy" says: 7/24/2008

    Instead of looking at it like you gotta make $250 per stellar post on one blog every weekday (lookout4burnout), think I gotta make $50 per simple but good post on 5 different blogs every weekday. Most blog readers like tidbits that are quick and easy to digest and regurgitate to others. Any good writer can pull that off over the long haul, and the chances of burnout are slim if you choose a nice variety of subject matter. Agree/Disagree?

    Big Daddy out.


  9. Jim says: 7/25/2008

    Oh my! Feeling really small with those figures.

    ok, can you show me a $250 post and a $50 post… :)

    that would be enlightening.


  10. Jesse says: 11/14/2008

    This is interesting. But the annual income figure is substantially off. Average household income, as last reported by the census bureau, was $50000.

    This is household average, taking into account everyone over 14 years of age employeed in the household. Obviously, this translates to an even lower (significantly) individual average.

    $60000 might not be realistic for blogpay, but it’s also not realistic for
    well over 50% of american jobs.

    I wonder if Lorelle got the $300 identified for a “well researched” blog posts, for that one.

    Lastly, when trying to decide how much you should be making from blogging. You need to compare it to other industries that do similar work. For example, according to, for the average fulltime news reporter to make $60000/year, they need 10 years of experience. Starting pay is $27000.

    It’s important to keep things in perspective.


  11. Roger Garcia says: 4/15/2011

    Lucky you! In Spain they are paying 5$ per post in the best of the cases, often 3, 2 and even 1 dollar per post. This is something that I often denounce on my blog regarding the blogging services, as if I search my own clients I get more money (from 18$ to 30$). My conclusion: forget those blogging services and look for your own clients that would appreciate quality texts, or monetize your own blogs. Thanks.


  12. Roger Garcia says: 4/15/2011

    Just to add that in Spain the average salary for any worker is about 36.000 $ and the average house costs about 350.000 $, so you need to write a lot of posts if you want to pay your bills!!!


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