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Hold-off on Tyner: If you’re using Podpress

Updating your WordPress version to 2.6 may break your podcast.

If you’re using Podpress (the popular free podcasting add-on for WordPress) PLEASE hold-off on upgrading to WordPress 2.6 (Tyner).  Read this article first, it may save your Podcast from the dreaded “off-air” state.

Today, I received a GoogleAlert saying that Tyner and Podpress isn’t fully compatible.  Once you successfully install WordPress 2.6, ALL your Podpress based podcasts will not work. 

Here’s a typical message from the PodPress Forum:

I installed WordPress 2.6 (the full version, not the Release Candidate) today but am having problems as soon as I activate Podpress. When I try to edit an existing post from the front page or from inside the Admin Panel, I get the error message “Internet Explorer can’t open the page [address of page] Operation cancelled.” but I see it only with IE. With FF it works like a charm. I thought it was out since longer already..that’s what you get for upgrading without informing yourself in advance.

Already last time I swore that I will never install a WordPress or Podpress update in the 1st month they are released..always have problems with upgrades.

and a similar thread from the WordPress Forum:

I’ve just uploaded my latest podcast and the pod press will not display it nor attach it to the post. Everything I uploaded yesterday is there and playing but after the update it’s not working.

At this time there isn’t an available patch from Podpress, but here’s a nifty tip from a user who may have stumbled upon a solution (WARNING:  PLEASE note that this solution was not tested by anyone from, observe caution and care, we will not be held liable for any damage to your data, your person, or business.)

FROM JERD (a forum user/member of the WordPress Forum)

After spending hours digging through the code and looking at the database, I discovered that this is being caused by the new revisions in 2.6. To disable them, just add:

define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 0);

to your wp-config.php and the problem disappears.

Podpress patch will be released in 10 days, according to this page (Dan Kuykendall of


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  1. Brent says: 7/21/2008

    Just a quck note on this error – that Operation Cancelled error is showing up in many places other that WordPress.. I hav seen it in Vbullitin board software and also on some sites that are not wordpress based – I have looked all over for the answer and up till now can only see it was part of one of the latest updates to IE… becase for me this problem only started about a onth ago after a set of MS updates….

    I think MS needs to actually fix the browser…..