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Prologue update: A WordPress theme for the iPhone

Ah, I’m not really sure why I missed this news regarding theme updates for the iPhone.   While I’m not an iPhone 3G user just yet (fearing all the wierd wierd user reports, thank God I’ve held off getting an iPhone 3G!), I follow developments closely… for my friend’s sake. :)

Here are the updates:

  1. A WordPress/iPhone friendlier log-in page, check it out at (using your iPhone, of course).  Tried opening it using my current laptop browser, and wadayaknow… i could!  Ah, simplicity is really good if you’re on 3G and have limited display area.
  2. An update on the Prologue theme to be much friendlier to posting and browsing.

Look at the pretty iPhone screen below…  beauty, ain’t it.



Well, as soon as I see a much happier iPhone 3G user I’d be holding-off on getting one myself.  I feel it would be a step-up to personal productivity once Apple irons out these kinks.  Ohhhh Stevie… could you hurry up, man the product hype is no match for the frowns I’m seeing.

At least for the sake of Veronica Belmont who had an aweful experience! :)  You gotta love her!






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  1. Michael says: 7/22/2008

    Great, just in time for Automattic to release their WordPress app native for the iPhone almost making this completely useless.


  2. jim says: 7/24/2008

    @Michael …. touche :)


  3. Filip Eremita says: 8/2/2008

    Get a 3G iPhone, you won’t regret it!

    The software quirks will be ironed out shortly and the iPhone is really a paradigm shift for mobile phones (like the original Macs was for DOC PCs).

    Truly amazing (or should I say incredibly great )


  4. sohbet ) says: 9/6/2008



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