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Content is King

Sitting back, relaxing, sipping a cup of coffee, hopping from one blog site to another.  Great way to spend a lazy afternoon.  While some would pull out their blackberries to check email, or their iPhone 3Gs to play with them a little more… ah, I’m set with my Asus EEE PC, a wifi nearby, and a Sinatra CD playing.

Admitting there are blogs I hate and blogs I love.  Such is my online life.  What I hate I still visit for that slim chance of finding a diamond of a post… in the rough.  Those I love… ah too many.

I’m in a little retrospect mood today… allow me to rest with all the WordPress news to talk about ME for a while.  I’ve been in radio broadcasting for the past 15 years.  While my degree says I should be in the IT industry, I somehow have managed to specialize in media, radio and the internet.  Now I’m not really sure which path I took that led me to do part-time blogging work, but I like it.  I’d agree with posts here at that it is HARD to make this your main job.  From this post it is near impossible to produce 2,000 posts/month… I guess.

Anyway, let me shift gear here and say that media/radio and blogging do have their similarities.  Being from both worlds now, these things just stick out.  An important similar thing I’ve learned through my media/radio years is content is king.  A well written script is not about the reporter… it’s about the subject… the news item.  Media icons like Larry King, Oprah, Anderson Cooper, Barbara Walters etc. would have that uncanny/supernatural way of making themselves invisible in an interview… it’s the subject that is highlighted… it’s them on the spotlight.  In the end, the readers/viewers know more about the subject, better informed.  A well written blog post is the same.

Whatever it is one blogs about, remember “Content is King”.  At the end of the day, your readers must say “Hey, I’ve learned something new from you today” or “Now I see that clearly now, thanks”.  It is hard work, and hey there maybe a real chance you wouldn’t hit the quota posts you need… but still, you have better served your readers when you put in more.  You’d be a sought-after blogger who made real sense. 

I so love this quote right now…

When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing.:  ~Enrique Jardiel Poncela


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  1. Votre says: 7/23/2008

    But how can most bloggers ever hope to generate content when 95% of what is blogged is nothing more than a rehash of news and topics gleaned elsewhere?

    Could they do it through their unique insights and opinion pieces? Hardly. Otherwise, the owners of all our major news sources would sack their entire army of field reporters – and then go tell their editorial staff to “get creative.”

    Yes, it may be true that “Content is King.” The only problem is that there are so many pretenders to the throne out there.


  2. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    thanks ;)


  3. jim says: 7/24/2008

    @Votre …. I hear you! :) There are instances when it happens to me to, though I make it my mantra to re-write it through and through and add a few “oh and by the ways” in there.


  4. Gavin says: 9/12/2008

    Reading posts like this is a great reminder. Sometimes its a real struggle to concentrate on the content rather then the quantity. I’ve already found myself looking back the last couple days and “tweaking” my posts.

    Cheers ;)


  5. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    Such is my online life. What I hate I still visit for that slim chance of finding a diamond of a post… in the rough. Those I love… ah too many.