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IE Tab on Mozilla

You may be interested to update or build-up your Firefox browsers with IE Tab 1.5.20080618 .  It’s a valuable tool for those who apart from writing posts, well, tend to go “under the hood” as well.  Well, we all would like to know how our blogs look in either Mozilla & IE.  I’ve had my fair share of side-stepping from IE to Mozilla.  Horrors if I forget to check! Ugghh… not a nice feeling to get caught blind-sided with a client call saying “Why is my blog so damn ugly today!”. :)  Oh my!

Recently updated last June 2008.  Tried to download and install… and wadayaknow, it took me less than 10 sec to get this baby in my FireFox (after a FireFox re-start).

Hmmm… let me re-start FireFox right now… hold on…. :)

(after 4 minutes)

Isn’t it too cute of Mozilla to save all my open tabs and give me the option upon Mozilla reboot to re-load all the tab URLs again.  Thanks for that.

OK, after the reboot I was soooo looking for The way to invoke/switch any of my current open tabs from the Mozilla engine to the IE engine.  Took me a little more time to figure out that to do so you must click on the small browser icon at the lower right area of the status bar.  Yes, that Mozilla icon… click it and it will turn that tab to be viewed thru IE’s engine.

Neat eh?

Yeah… you figured it right,  right-brained me wouldn’t just dare read the FAQs first!

Hee, hee.

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  1. posi says: 7/24/2008

    “IE Tab is not available for MacOSX”


  2. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    let me re-start FireFox right now… hold on


  3. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    open tabs and give me the option upon Mozilla reboot to re-load all the tab URLs again. Thanks for that.


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