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Is there anything close to WordPress?

Forgive me if this post will sound very naive.  It was just now that I noticed that WordPress is in use by the biggest online names in the planet CNN, Yahoo, Sony, The New York Times, People,  Ebay, b5Media … just to name a few.  It is quite an achievement.  While I’m not trying to belabor the obvious, I’d like to flip the coin a bit to ask… “is there anything close to WordPress at this point in time?”  There was a very old poll made by a company which lists the top 13 blogging platforms to date.  Here’s that list in order of popularity:

  3. Moveable type
  4. ExpressionEngine
  5. Typepad
  7. Drupal
  8. Custom made
  9. Text Pattern
  10. Live Journal
  11. Mambo/Joomla
  12. Nucleus
  13. B2Evolution
  14. Other platforms

I’d like to stress that this list isn’t current, but it’s the most “believable” list I found while searching for a blogging platform poll thru Google.  I think it’s time to run a poll right now don’t you think?  I’ll see if we can do something of that goal right here. seem to be the closest runner-up to WordPress.  I wouldn’t be surprised.  Much of the blogging community seem to trust “turn-key” solutions to their blogging needs. and have found a dear niche.  Like fast-food, they knew what menu would click the most. Easy setup is the key.  Anything less to that is just second best.   Are you wanting to find out what the best blogging platform for you is?  I’d suggest that you hit and .  For now.     

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