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WordPress Automatic Upgrade v. 1.2

When I log into my WordPress site I usually skip scrolling down the dashboard, quickly pressing either “write” or “manage”.  Last night was different, as I was enjoying my hazelnut flavored java I scrolled down to see what was down below.  I seldom do that, so I thought, hey… let’s see what’s down there. 


One of the most popular plugin downloaded, WordPress Automatic Upgrade, has been recently updated to version 1.2.  I posted about automatic upgrade plugins before (here and here), but that was about the zirona automatic upgrade tool.  I am still using Zirona on most of my blogs, but also thought that you may want to know what WordPress Automatic Upgrade offers.

Here are the fixes for version 1.2:

  • Fixed a major issue where plugins could not be activated, due to WP installation logging users out after upgrades.
  • Fixed a issue where users were not being able to download backup files when WordPress URL and Blog URL were different.
  • WordPress Automatic Upgrade will only run if your WordPress is out of date.
  • WPAU now uses Snoopy to download files rather than using regular PHP methods.
  • Added a WPAU Nag where users will see a message to start automatic upgrade if a new version is available.
  • Automatic Upgrade option will only be visible to Administrators.
  • Disabled Automated Mode.
  • Few other minor changes.

And something to look out for for version 1.3:

  • A better user interface including verbose output where users will see what’s being done in real time.
  • Ability to skip certain tasks or run tasks on demand, so users can run file backups, database backups etc selectively.
  • Ability for users to choose the language of WordPress they want to download from.
  • Complete Internationalization support.
  • Cleanup of code to make WPAU more faster.

I do appreciate what’s offered in version 1.2, but man, version 1.3 is something to look out for.  I totally want to select what tasks are to be done by any WordPress upgrade plugin.  It maybe just me, I feel helpless when I press the “upgrade” button and just watch what is being done.  But I know there’s a flipside to wanting even a little control.  Even so, I hope version 1.3 nails this feature spot on.


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