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Now that’s news! announced that they have extended their support hours from 9AM to 4PM PDT to 24-hours weekdays… to 24/7! That is one huge commitment that this team has put on and I think deserves a standing ovation. Kudos to you guys!

When you send a support message to you’re assured there’s a real human being replying. If you send a support question and you don’t have a blog hosted at, it will be ignored. This is solely for hosted blogs. They’ve said that they would respond to any wordpress service question, so fire away. Just please be sure that you’ve exhausted time into their FAQs and FORUMs before you do. There’s a high chance that you’re question has already been discussed in length by experts and users like you.

Support team profile can be read here, they are the happy engineers behind

I really think that support will define the successful online tool. There are many online products available and some are hands-down so useful that people like me use them (even if support is not good). is so spot-on in looking after the well-being of it’s users. I’m sure they’d get a ton of happy people blogging away. And because is ad-driven, the new support system will ultimately result in more blog pages to attach those ads to… good thinking guys! And congratulations.

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