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WordPress 2.6.1

Barely two-months after the major version 2.6 release WordPress kept it’s promise of releasing 2.6.1 with all the 60-fixes proudly done.  It’s very encouraging to see the developers working on bug reports.  Such an ill-feel if you get stuck on bugs until the next major release.  I think this is the value of a thriving support community, and one which will make WordPress immovable from #1.

2.6.1 offers several improvements for international users.  Styling of the admin for right-to-left languages is much improved thanks to the efforts of the Farsi and Hebrew translation teams, and a mysterious gettext bug caused by certain PHP configurations is now fixed.  For IIS users, 2.6.1 fixes several permalink problems. Image insertion problems in the Press This feature experienced by IE users are also fixed. Of note to everyone is a fix for a performance bug in the admin where those with a lot of plugins would experience slowness on some pages.

Initially released as a beta version it now makes its official debut online. The beta stage has been fruitful with a very impressive download count for the testers, early adapters and well…  for those who just had the time.   If you’ve got a single WordPress blog or two, you may want to consider following the official updates all the way to the major version 2.7 release.  But for those who manage a hefty number of WordPress blogs, you may or may not do the update route.  Not unless the bug fixes affect you and your blogs in a “major” way.

Not really sure if some are security fixes, but just to be on the safe side (and if you’ve got time) it’s best to update.  You can download WordPress 2.6.1 right here.

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  1. Ajay ) says: 8/18/2008

    I’ve made available a zip file with only the changed files for easy upgrading.


  2. chat says: 9/8/2008



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