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The Lijit Wijit


Just a play of words… the Lijit Wijit is your not-so-usual search wijit… er… widget.  A search function that basically works like a small community network.  The basic idea is if someone visits your blog and say searches for the word “vacation”, the usual search widget will only produce results that are found in your blog.  The Lijit search widget will do more… it will look for “vacation” in your friends blogs or links that you’ve “linking-out to” as part of your trusted sites.  Very clever, isn’t it.

Because it’s a WordPress widget, it will easily install on versions 2.3-2.6.xx .  

Another Lijit feature I really like is search stats.  You now will be able to know what your readers are searching for (!) what a way to prepare for the next blog post.  This is uber cool.

Like most WordPress plugins you can get your copy at the plugin directory or here.

When your readers search for information in real life, their first step is to typically seek out a friend for the answer. If their friend doesn’t have the answer they need, someone in that friend’s social network may. Eventually, they get an answer they trust, because it came from a source they trust. Your readers can now have that same experience on the web and it all starts with the source they trust. That source is you, the blog publisher.

The Lijit search ‘wijit’ allows your visitors to search through not only your blog content, but also your extended social network. You can combine a number of your social networking accounts(delicious, facebook, mybloglog, etc.). When you install the widget on your blog, all of these accounts are indexed and searchable through the widget.


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    It is Great!


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    Hi there ! I like ur template very much & I have used it in my blog…..Please give me suggestion as to how I can get TAB’s that you have here…..I would be very thankful for ur advise……


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    thanks sounds like a good wp plugin, i will try it


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