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Reward Linking Blogs With a Shout-Out

How do you reward loyal readers? Of course, you link to their blogs, too. Or perhaps you can come up with a list of top commenters every month or so. How about loyal “linkers”? While linking blogs are usually automatically rewarded with pingbacks or trackbacks, it can also pay to regularly feature the top linkers. I recently learned this from Money Crashers, which usually posts the top referrers per month.

Most analytics software like Google Analytics or pMetrics usually lets you check the top referrers at a glance. So this shouldn’t be too difficult to do. While you can look for plugins that will do this automatically, but the personal touch would be much more appreciated.

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  1. sohbet ) says: 9/6/2008

    paylaşım için teşekkürler genckler


  2. chat says: 9/8/2008



  3. Millard says: 12/7/2008

    My blog is too new at this point, but this is a great plan for the future.


  4. Max the Micro Niche Finder says: 3/24/2009

    Hiya, i have seen your site when searching a few weeks ago and i really love the design! I just bought a new 3 character domain (cost me a packet) for a niche review blog, and i was wondering if your design is a free or paid one? I’m new to WordPress and about to set it up, and i would really like to get something with a similar look to yours. Any ideas where i could download or buy something similar? Thanks for your help! :)


  5. Larry McDonald says: 5/4/2009

    Your site is absolutely awesome! I am just getting into blogging to spread the word about my new book, and your site is like a goldmine! Thank you.


  6. Fuzu says: 10/28/2009

    Ooh dang i just wrote a big comment and when i submitted it it came up blank! Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to write it again if i dont have to! Either the blog bugged out or i am an idiot, the latter doesnt surprise me lol.


  7. dane wetzel says: 10/30/2009

    Hello just figured i will let you know that i also had a problem with this blog coming up blank also. Must be gremlins in the page.


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