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Re-inventing your style


I was talking with a young blogger this morning about writing styles.  He was a little worried that he’ll soon tire out his readers, or himself, if he continued the way he writes.  In honesty, I told him that I too needed coaching because I am in the same situation as he is.  We just found comfort to the fact that “pobody’s nerfect”.  And that asking for help is the first step to knowing where you are and knowing where you’d like to go.

I remember I had this conversation before with a great book writer, Francis.  I asked how he has reached his status as a much sought after speaker and writer.  He responded with just a word… “read”.  He said, “Jim, you cannot possibly give what you do not have.  You have to read, to write well”.  

Words of wisdom I know, but to tell you honestly, that wasn’t a light bulb moment for me.  :)  But because I respected him and what he says, I followed.  Good thing I did.

So going back to my young blogger friend.  I told him to …

  1. you guessed it… “read”.  And you know, this morning wasn’t a light bulb moment for him too, but I know time will come and it will be one.  “Trust me, read”… I know he will.  
  2. I told him to write a post to try to get his readers to comment on his writing style.  It doesn’t hurt to ask, and readers are very very honest too.
  3. I told him to write a post in three different ways… present each on his blog and get his readers to comment on it.  
  4. lastly, I told him to “be original”.  Don’t try to copy how others write, try to develop a style that you’re comfortable with.  Know your audience and know how best to communicate with them.

I admire a lot of blog writers.  Them from CNet, Engadget, DVice and Gizmodo… to name a few.  They write differently but I enjoy them equally with no favorites.  Not a day passes that I do not read these blogs to devour a whole gamut of stuff.  I just read and read these days.  And I do find it really helpful when I begin to write my own sets of posts.




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  1. Jonathan Good says: 8/28/2008

    I wanted to say that I’ve been a subscriber to your feed for a few months now and really enjoy readying your posts. You have kept me thinking about blogging and many of the benefits that we get from it. Keep up the great work.

    Question for you: do you make a living off of your blog? and how many blogs do you maintain?


  2. punkypaige says: 8/28/2008

    I am also like you but my mentor always tells me to right from the heart, do not force yourself to write ,if you cannot do it. Too much reading can make you a nuts. It simply means reading different views of other people can affect your style and can give you insecurities. All you need to do is to take the views of other people as your model to achieve your own writing style.


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