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Ma.gnolia goes open-source

Social bookmarking site is opening its doors to the open-source world.  They have announced at Gnomedex 2008 that they would soon distribute their code publicly, akin to how has done for, the latter being a website that the public can download freely the full WordPress code.

This is a much anticipated move for the team as developments in technology are striding faster than the Ma.gnolia core tech team can handle.  With their move to open-source, we will soon see a much improved service offering.  Ma.gnolia’s Larry Hallf at Gnomedex 2008 says the following:

Some of the things to look forward to in this next version include:

  • A new stream view that shows you the freshest bookmarks of people you’re friends with on one single page.
  • Support for both OAuth and OpenID, with the latter making it easier for people to sign into hosted builds of Magnolia.
  • Sidebar customization
  • Theming
The open-source version won’t be available to developers until sometime in September, with a beta version (read: consumer friendly) on track for December and into the first part of 2009. In the meantime, if you’re a developer looking to get your mitts on the code it will be made available here.

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  1. perde says: 8/29/2008



  2. Ajay ) says: 8/29/2008

    It would not be correct to say:

    akin to how has done for

    Simply because was available long before


  3. jim says: 8/30/2008

    Yes, you are correct Ajay. :) It should be rephrased to:

    “Much like the symbiotic relationship of and”

    thanks for sharing your keen eye mate.



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  6. web chat says: 5/13/2009

    I’m sure this has already been on digg at least once this week.


  7. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    With their move to open-source, we will soon see a much improved service offering. Ma.gnolia’s Larry Hallf at Gnomedex 2008 says the following:


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