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Linkshare, a leading performance marketing network, is now offering partnerships with hundreds of top advertisers.  They have recently developed a tool that will allow you to populate WordPress blogs with ad placements.  All through the easy-install LinkShare RSS DealFeed plugin.

LinkShare RSS DealFeed uses RSS feeds from LinkShare Advertisers to automatically populate your WordPress blog with deals and other promotional content. You can earn a commission on every sale on an Advertiser site that your blog refers. Just set up the plug-in once, and then your WordPress site will automatically display the latest promotional information provided by the Advertiser.

You need to be part of the LinkShare network to start with and be approved to the Advertisers Affiliate Program.

Here’s a quick peek at how it is implemented in WordPress blogs:



I think this is mighty cool of LinkShare to provide an easy widget.  We all know that it’s next to a single click to get widgets working for you.  I remember I once had to work with direct code edits JUST to accommodate a good affiliate program.  Thank Zeus it’s now less of a hassle. :)


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  1. Sangeet says: 9/1/2008

    That’s very interesting. Till now there was no facility to advertise on WordPress blog.


  2. Jim says: 9/6/2008

    It’s a little slow when opening this page


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