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WordPress MU 2.6.2

Just a quick update for everyone. WordPress MU has upgraded from version 2.6.1 to 2.6.2 . It is a required download, not that it’s following a security release like the release of WordPress 2.6.2, but it sure does contain important updates like of the following:

xmlrpc.php works better if you use multiple sites. #735
get_option() wasn’t reading all options.
Configurable media buttons on the Write page. #598, #738
404 “file not found” errors on folder installs is mostly fixed. #745
And more .. (timeline)

You can download WordPress MU 2.6.2 right here.

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WP Super Cache 0.8

Is your blog full of information that sometimes its load time has become an issue for you?  If it takes more than 10 seconds for information to appear when someone visits your blog (with a fast internet connection even), you may want to think about improving this.  First impressions last, for new visitor it may turn them off and cue them not to visit your blog UNTIL they’re sure of a better experience.

Forutnately there is a WordPress plugin to help you… A new plugin developed by Donncha O Caoimh released a new version.  Here’s the plugin intro specs:

WP Super Cache 0.8

This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After an html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

However, because a user’s details are displayed in the comment form after they leave a comment, the plugin will only serve static html files to:

  1. Users who are not logged in.
  2. Users who have not left a comment on your blog.
  3. Or users who have not viewed a password protected post.

The good news is that probably more than 99% of your visitors don’t do any of the above! Those users who don’t see the static files will still benefit because they will see regular WP-Cache cached files and your server won’t be as busy as before. This plugin should help your server cope with a front page appearance on or other social networking site.

You can check this page and this page for more information regarding this plugin.


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Your very own cloud :)

I’m filing this post under “backup” because we’ve been told many times over to backup your drive like a month or so. Please please do it now if you haven’t. OMG, am I sounding like your dentist (!), well, he’s right when he tells you to brush your teeth at least 3 times a day… and floss!!! har har har.

Ok, ’nuff about teeth, backup these days are equally important though. If you’ve been situated where there was “hair pulling” and “table banging” because you failed to backup, here’s a tool that may make you avoid that horrific episode.

The Imation Apollo Pro WX Hard Drive.

It’s a USB wireless hard drive (comes in 250GB to 1TB storage capacity) that you can hide anywhere within 30 feet AND STILL be able to access as if you’ve got your own “data cloud” at home. Comes pre-packed with data security features that ensures you private and sole access to it. No worries about the neighbors trying to peek in and create havoc with your files.

Right now, it works with the Dell Latitude and XPS models AND with Kensington’s four-port Wireless USB Docking Station. Soon enough, I’m sure it will expand its compatibility to a lot of PCs and notebooks.

It will be available Q4 of 2008. No price listed yet.

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Project 10 to the 100

If you’ve got a knock-out idea that you think will change the way people live, help the world in anyway or improve something in the planet, you just may win a US$10 million prize from Google wants to hear your idea and if it can, help make it a reality.  Just go to to find out more.

Or watch this video below as an intro.




I think this is the largest public campaign that has ever hit the internet for the past decade.  Maybe the past 2 decades even.  This campaign was launched to celebrate Google’s 10th year anniversary.  What a way to celebrate!  I really feel the community getting together to achieve a milestone project with Google.

Google announced the project live on CNN on Wednesday morning.

“These ideas can be big or small, technology-driven or brilliantly simple — but they need to have impact,” Google said in a news release. “We know there are countless brilliant ideas that need funding and support to come to fruition.”

This campaign runs to October 20 only, remember, they’re only asking for ideas, you don’t need to develop a full working prototype of it.  In a narrative form, and in any of the 25 languages they have listed, you just need to type away.  Hey, it could even be an idea with your blogs or something.

This is your chance to put your dreams to reality… and possibly help the human race!


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WordPress fan art

Show your love for good ‘ol WP!

I’ve seen several creative WordPress fan art lately, which brought  me to think if there are any official or unofficial collection of all WordPress logos on the net.  If you’ve got any WordPress fan art yourself, you may want to consider writing the WordPress team to submit it for all the world to see, or use, or whatever… maybe to just brighten up their day. :)

The WordPress fan art above was from WordCamp Philippines.  Matt was quoted to “really like this art work”, though I’m sure he favors every fan art made for his WordPress work.  We’ve seen this fan art on t-shirts and bags… they really rock!

What makes me wonder though is “can people copy these logos on shirts”, some of them really are cool and would be great to wear a few myself.  Is there a way to ask permission to use them?  hmmm…  of if you would like to make fan art, would that require a permission from WordPress? double hmmmm…  wonder how that works? anyone?

Set your browsers and travel to this fan art page … and this one too.

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WordPress Weekly Podcast is back

I’m sure a lot of you would remember downloading the WordPress Weekly podcast, eh?  Well they’re back, after a long looooong time resting.  Funny I remember Episode 22 then pffft… vanished.  So I had other podcasts fill in that void.  Now I’m a fan of Cali Lewis, Natalie del Conte & the CNet guys. :)

But since WordPress Weekly is back… it’s like wearing my old pair of shoes… comfortable and familiar.  For those who don’t know the podcast yet, here’s a re-intro by Jeff Chandler (the program host):


WordPress Weekly is a weekly oriented podcast that takes place every Friday evening at 8PM EST starting on October 3rd, 2008 on The format of the show will remain close to what it has been in the past. The co-host and I will discuss the WordPress news of the week. This could be plugin updates, releases, themes, version releases, development updates, a tutorial written by someone in the community, could be anything as long as it relates to WordPress. At the end of each show, Keith and I will give out our plugin of the week. This plugin is picked individually by us and is tested prior to the show.

I am aiming for a relaxing atmosphere where WordPress Users can gather around for 1 hour every Friday evening and discuss the latest happenings with everything WordPress. You could almost consider the show a virtual WordCamp.

You can listen to the podcast thru TalkShoe or subscribing thru iTunes.





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Calendar for WordPress


Kieran O’Shea has released a Calendar for WordPress plugin.  It looks like the regular Google Calendar webpage embed except that any calendar edits are made within the WordPress dashboard instead.  This plugin displays a full-month calendar (no option for daily and weekly spreads, yet) with all your events displayed per date.  The user hovers the mouse pointer over an event and a full description of the event is displayed.

You can download the calendar right here.  And view a sample execution of this plugin right here.


Calendar is feature rich and will continue to become better as development continues.

  • Monthly view of events
  • Mouse-over details for each event
  • Events can have a timestamp (optional)
  • Events can display their author (optional)
  • Events can span more than one day
  • Multiple events per day possible
  • Events can repeat on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Repeats can occur indefinitely or a limited number of times
  • Easy to use events manager in admin dashboard
  • Sidebar function/Widget to show todays events
  • Sidebar function/Widget to show upcoming events
  • Comprehensive options panel for admin
  • Modifiable CSS using the options panel
  • Optional drop down boxes to quickly change month and year
  • User groups other than admin can be permitted to manage events
  • Events can be placed into categories
  • Categories system can be switched on or off
  • Pop up javascript calendars help the choosing of dates
  • Events can be links pointing to a location of your choice


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Get your DropBox!

I’ve heard and read about people cramming to get their very own DropBox.  I figured, “hey what’s that all about”, shrugging it off to a weekend check-up.  Well it’s the weekend now and all I’ve done is head-off to the public beta site of DropBox to view their About Us video.  See below:


I love it!  I’m off to get my DropBox, pronto!

If you’re frequently sharing files, and like me you use services like YouSendIt or others… you’d find DropBox a breath of fresh air.  Features include:

Works like you do

No complicated interfaces to learn. Dropbox runs in the background on your desktop.

Worry-free syncing

Sync your files automatically to your computers and the web.

It’s everywhere you are

Sign in and access your files from any browser or mobile device.

Easy sharing

Sharing files with your friends and family is just two clicks away.


View your photos in a gallery and share them easily with anyone.

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Social Networking for suckers?


CNet’s Loaded (Sept 10 episode) with Natalie del Conte is spot on when she says that AT&T’s and Verizon’s try on adding a social networking feature as add-on services for their mobile users are “unthinkables”.  She’s right, it is for suckers, why would you pay to access a social network on your phone when there are several ways you can do it for FREE.  AT&T’s “social life” and Verizon’s “my community” is charging its users monthly fees of $2.99 and $1.49 respectively.

(hey, isn’t this part of their wireless stake they’re trying to plant since way back 2007)

Both of them will allow you to aggregate your social networking accounts into one application and manage them from there.

At any rate, this seems to be a clear indication about the growth of social networks… blogging networks in particular too.  If big companies, specially the telcos, are now looking into making money with content (or easy access to it) you can predict that soon enough, they’d be digging their hands into content too.

Is that good or bad news for us… well, honestly I couldn’t tell now.  But my opinion would be these telcos will give us all a great service if they focus on improving easy access to content, and much sensible rates too… like FREE! :)  Or premium services for much more in return.



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Twitter Updates Design

Microblogging service Twitter has recently launched its new design. While the redesign mostly concerns cosmetic changes, and not new features, the Twitter team states that the changes in user interface would make it easier to implement more improvements in the future.

The site supposedly loads faster, with Ajax optimizations. The layout has been streamlined, with the navigation tabs moved and some unnecessary or rarely-used elements done away with or hidden, for a simpler look.

If you have suggestions, comments or if you simply want to compliment the Twitter team for their work, do give them a shout out by sending a tweet that starts with @twitter.

“What about…[your favorite feature request / annoyance].” Please be assured the changes we’ve made here aren’t the only things we want to (or will) change. They’re not even, necessarily, the most important. The scope of this project was limited to light-weight front-end work.

They say they have more updates coming, and that they’re currently working hard on improving on the back-end.

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