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Twitter Tools 1.5.b2


Alex King has recently updated the Twitter Tools from 1.5b1 to 1.5b2, yes still a beta version but there are new important fixes and 2 new features.  You can check it out right here.  Twitter tools is a well known bridge between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.  If you are into both, well you know the advantages that this tool gives you.  If not, here it is:

  1. You can pull-in your Tweets into your WordPress blog
  2. Create new Tweets from within WordPress
I look at it as another way to invite/send people in to check out your WordPress blog(s).  Twitter has been very popular that most (if not all) well known online personalities maintain a Twitter account.  Has the Twitting public exceeded the WordPressing public… we need to find out!
I use Twitter for my quick and easy thoughts, to tell people what I’m up to, errrr… when I have no time to write a full blog post about something… I twit about it.  It is cool to add your Twits into your blog, makes your blog active, dynamic, interesting.
Download the current beta link… right here. 

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  1. Stephen James says: 9/2/2008

    TwitterTools is great tool for re-purposing Tweets into microblogging/asides in your WordPress blog. I use TwitterTools + SideBlog to create asides at my personal blog, I do not care for the “Tweet about your blog post” method. Tweets should be organic, not automated. Otherwise, it is too close to spam.


  2. jim says: 9/2/2008

    Thanks for the comment Stephen. You have just described a “real world” sense of what Tweets should be… organic as you say. I am a little sad that I do receive auto tweets. I think there should be something in between these tools that help one avoid spam.


  3. sohbet ) says: 9/6/2008



  4. chat says: 9/8/2008



  5. holden says: 10/31/2008

    I’m just beginning to learn the power of Twitter. Thanks


  6. Pat Williams says: 12/30/2008

    Cool site.


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