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Chrome : Google’s Open Source Browser


Honestly, I was both surprised and happy when I heard that Google’s taking on Microsoft head-on by introducing an open-source browser… Chrome.  It will be launched tomorrow in close to 100-countries.  For now, I believe it’s limited to the Windows beta version though.  Rightly so if they’re taking on Microsoft first hand.  But for the Mac and Linux fans, there is a promise of a special version for Leopard and beyond.

Google has published an online comics board to explain what Chrome is all about, you can see it right here. 

I personally believe that doing a browser program as open-source from ground-up is a good idea.  There’s nothing like user power.  With the community behind developments we are all sure that every feature will be born out of a real-life need, or a user demand.

Check out the comics they’ve published, I’ve somehow related to my usual wrestles with browser problems.  

Oh and do pass by their Wikipedia page for more information.


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  1. pinoy jobs says: 9/6/2008

    i love chrome! its much faster than firefox!


  2. sohbet ) says: 9/6/2008



  3. PJ says: 9/7/2008

    I love the multi-thumb home page with all your favorite websites.


  4. afshin says: 9/8/2008

    Is this a good browser?!


  5. chat says: 9/8/2008



  6. Sara says: 9/10/2008

    its much faster than firefox! and its looks nice.


  7. Wii News says: 9/11/2008

    It’s a cool browser, can’t wait for the OSX version to come out.


  8. Catalonia says: 9/11/2008

    A great browser and I hope it takes on the mighty MS


  9. kamal says: 9/14/2008

    waw, i use it and it’s really fast very fast, i open a lot of tabs and all are ok, i think if this browser accept some plugin as firebug i will giveup firefox.


  10. iddaa says: 5/8/2009

    very interesting, thanks for your article



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