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A Review : Digital Memo Software

If you’ve been looking for an effective way to communicate those company memos, look no further.  Let me introduce you to Digital Memo.  Imagine working in an office where the company bulletin board is the loneliest “tool”, the least used.  If you’ve got an important message to say, hey, that’s the last place you’d publish it, right?  Everyone just breezes by it!  Unless you’ve got a memo announcing a bonus, a party or a cook-out! :)

Now imagine your message as the first thing people see when they turn on their computers?  It’s a CEO’s dream.  Instant communication from the head down the line.

Digital Memo is a system based on the power and convenience of instant messaging that notifies users each time you add a new post to your blog.



By integrating the RSS feed that is published with your blog into the Digital Memo system, Digital Memo enables you to use your blog as a tool to automatically send memos digitally. Get set-up in 3 steps:

  • Administrate your blog RSS feed into Digital Memo
  • Install Digital Memo onto desired machines
  • Start sending your memos digitally!

This tool has successfully integrated the “user-friendliness” of a blog software and the “formality” of a corporate communication system.  Each computer belonging to the company network will surely receive every corporate memo, promptly alerting each user with the attention your memo deserves.

Digital Memo also has an online tutorial if you wish to see a demo.

Now, let’s see how the CEO “work flow” looks like:

Step 1:  You come in the office, turn on your PC and fire up (or open) your blog.

Step 2:  You compose a short memo informing everyone about something really important, or maybe inform them about their attendance to the company barbecue on Saturday perhaps. :)  Or maybe write everyone a “good job” note for a change.

Step 3:  You hit “publish”, and that’s it!

Your blog’s RSS feed will be monitored by Digital Memo and any new blog post you publish will automatically be fed into the Digital Memo system and distributed company-wide to everyone’s computer desktops.

Now I know what you’re thinking – Is this very secure?

Yes it is.  You and only you would know what your blog user name and passwords are.  Your blog can well reside in the company server, where presumably you’ve got that box all firewalled and tamper-proof.

Is it easy to install? Yes it is.  The Digital Memo reader can be installed on multiple systems by using the MSI installer. Full instructions are provided with your documentation on purchasing.

Will the staff really see these memos in a prominent way?  Yes they will.  Every new memo you post will automatically pop up on everyone’s computer desktops.  There’s literally no way people will miss reading your memo.  No way.

What if I send say a series of memos in a day, will the staff have access to every one of them?  Yes, they will. Digital Memo will appear only as one memo box (or a neatly tucked icon in the system tray) in everyone’s computer desktops with “next” and “previous” memos distinctly accessible with just a click of a button.

What are the other benefits of using Digital Memo?

  • It won’t clog everyone’s mailbox
  • It won’t trap any of your important messages/memos in crazy spam rules and folders
  • People can’t “loose” the memo.  There’s no excuse like “I didn’t see that memo” from now on.
  • It’s turn-key, you install it and use it immediately
  • Oh, and it saves the forest too.. we don’t need to cut down more trees to make paper!


The only sad news is that Digital Memo is only available for Windows XP or Vista.  Too bad for Mac users, but hey, if we can create enough demand maybe they can make a Mac version too!  

Oh, and another thing …  if your company’s communication structure is based on a strong policy that every memo should be “written on paper”… too bad.  Maybe it’s time to change the policy? :)

The Test

We’re only 5 PCs in the company network, I gave it a try, and found that it is very “snappy”.  There were no installation snags, the operation “CEO Workflow” (described above) was a 1-2-3 winning combination that even the most cyberphobic CEO would appreciate.  Messages were instantly received by every PC.

The Recommendation

I’d encourage you to go and download the trial software, there’s nothing to lose, really.  You may want to try it out on the IT department, to start with, and slowly add more departments in due time.

Digital Memo is made by Popuload Software.  A company, based in Montreal Canada, noted for their innovative range of software solutions that help change the way users interact with the “usual” operating systems.  A leader in providing RSS tools for communicating and tracking information, digitally.

The evaluation version is a fully functional and unlimited version of Digital Memo. The only difference this has from the purchased version is that each distributed post will contain a “trial warning message”.  Not bad if you want to see how this new memo distribution method performs in “the long run”.

The full version costs US$195.00, it is downloadable right now by purchasing it online thru your credit card or PayPal.

Program updates are distributed via the Popuload website as well.  

Check out the company website at

Editor’s note: This review was written upon request by Pouload Software.

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