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Happy 10th birthday Google!


September 5, 1998… Google was born,  co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were students at Stanford University .  To date, I believe Google is a stronger 10-year old than any other tech company, including Microsoft.  At 10 Google seems to be pushing very strong on its core competencies.  Now reports say their eyes are set in entering the mobile phone industry too, something to rival the iPhone?  Your guess is as good as mine.  But will there be a stronger 10-year old tech company in the future.  I would doubt that, maybe in the distant future.  Check out this table from


Today Google nearly has about 20,000 employees worldwide and  a $150 billion market value to redefine media, marketing and technology. Founders Page and Brin, both 35 now and worth US$19 billion each.  Not bad.  That’s about US$2 billion a year, a windfall compared to the $100,000 seed money a venture capitalist poured into the very young start-up Google of 1998.  Google CEO and Chairman Eric Schmidt is to be credited highly for the great leadership he provides on a daily basis.

Happy birthday Google! :)



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  1. kamal says: 9/14/2008

    wawwwwwww, Bravo Google, in 10 years only all that succes.
    Happy birthday Google!


  2. Someone says: 9/27/2008

    Happy birthday google.


  3. John Portacio says: 9/27/2008



  4. Henry Yau says: 9/27/2008

    Happy Birthday Google!
    10 years running!! Congratulations people! =D

    Me and my sister was just saying how popular Google is, lol
    for example, when giving advice to someone who needs to find something, noone goes;
    ‘go askjeeves it’, or ‘go yahoo it’…. lol

    its always, ‘Go Google it!’ lol humm thats a good advertisement slogan actually,lol

    laterz xD


  5. Grant says: 9/30/2008

    Happy Birthday the first decade!