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Gears in Safari


Last July 4 we’ve introduced you to Google Gears, that useful technology behind the “turbo” button located at the upper right corner of a WordPress admin dashboard at your blog.  Enabling turbo allows your blog to save little snippets of blog data on your local hard drive, the reason being to speedup your blogging experience at

We did tell you too that it was initially available for Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers.

Today, the Gears Blog announced that the Safari compatibility is rock solid.  

We’re really excited to announce the official release of Gears for Safari on OS X (minimum requirements are Leopard 10.5.3 or Tiger 10.4.11).

You can download it today from

This means that you can now access all the Gears-enabled sites (such as Zoho office, WordPress, the new YouTube uploader and Google Docs offline) in Safari.

Unfortunately, no positive news yet of Gears availability for Opera Browser users.  Strangely too, Safari Browsers (windows version) is a thinker.  

Originally dubbed as “Google Gears”, the giant now dropped it’s name and settled with “Gears” as product name.  I haven’t seen any official statement about this branding move, but I’d speculate that public acceptability may be an issue? hmmm… not all are Google fans I’d agree.  Or maybe if you repeat saying “Google Gears” fast enough you’d sound like a grown up speaking to a baby. :)


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