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Social Networking for suckers?


CNet’s Loaded (Sept 10 episode) with Natalie del Conte is spot on when she says that AT&T’s and Verizon’s try on adding a social networking feature as add-on services for their mobile users are “unthinkables”.  She’s right, it is for suckers, why would you pay to access a social network on your phone when there are several ways you can do it for FREE.  AT&T’s “social life” and Verizon’s “my community” is charging its users monthly fees of $2.99 and $1.49 respectively.

(hey, isn’t this part of their wireless stake they’re trying to plant since way back 2007)

Both of them will allow you to aggregate your social networking accounts into one application and manage them from there.

At any rate, this seems to be a clear indication about the growth of social networks… blogging networks in particular too.  If big companies, specially the telcos, are now looking into making money with content (or easy access to it) you can predict that soon enough, they’d be digging their hands into content too.

Is that good or bad news for us… well, honestly I couldn’t tell now.  But my opinion would be these telcos will give us all a great service if they focus on improving easy access to content, and much sensible rates too… like FREE! :)  Or premium services for much more in return.



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  1. Maritime Transport says: 9/20/2008

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  2. jim says: 9/22/2008

    Yeah, I agree with you. Sometimes it is better to pay, specially if it is really important.


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