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WordPress 2.7 : Play your part


Being a part of the WordPress community is such a privilege.  WordPress 2.7 is set to be released this November 2008 and so the cadence to that release has started.  Our first marching orders are to head on to help the development team code the the new Dashboard interface. 

From the picture above you’d quickly see that 2.7 is leading towards a left bar menu from their usual top-down displays.  This had a lot to do because of user surveys too. And so to preserve and maximize the use of the screen area.

The new survey will be about how “The menu function is based on sections with submenus, and you can collapse and expand menu sections without leaving your current screen. The image below shows all menu sections collapsed, while the image on the right shows the Content section expanded.

Navigation sections and labels are being decided now.  If you’d like your opinions to be heard, head off to the survey site right here. 


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  1. Hardeep says: 9/18/2008

    I had detailed interactions with many bloggers who have updated tp 2.6.2 (I updated my blog recently). Change doesn’t mean to remove good features for the heck of change.
    “Insert picture” icon of tree on editor bar was familiar and I have been using this for quite some time in 2.5.1 and earlier also. After I proceeded to write new post I couldn’t figure out the sense of removing insert picture functionality on the editor.
    I hope wp team will take care of this and reintroduce this in future.


  2. GirlNet says: 1/20/2009

    Very interesting, i like read this section. Thank You