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WordPress Weekly Podcast is back

I’m sure a lot of you would remember downloading the WordPress Weekly podcast, eh?  Well they’re back, after a long looooong time resting.  Funny I remember Episode 22 then pffft… vanished.  So I had other podcasts fill in that void.  Now I’m a fan of Cali Lewis, Natalie del Conte & the CNet guys. :)

But since WordPress Weekly is back… it’s like wearing my old pair of shoes… comfortable and familiar.  For those who don’t know the podcast yet, here’s a re-intro by Jeff Chandler (the program host):


WordPress Weekly is a weekly oriented podcast that takes place every Friday evening at 8PM EST starting on October 3rd, 2008 on The format of the show will remain close to what it has been in the past. The co-host and I will discuss the WordPress news of the week. This could be plugin updates, releases, themes, version releases, development updates, a tutorial written by someone in the community, could be anything as long as it relates to WordPress. At the end of each show, Keith and I will give out our plugin of the week. This plugin is picked individually by us and is tested prior to the show.

I am aiming for a relaxing atmosphere where WordPress Users can gather around for 1 hour every Friday evening and discuss the latest happenings with everything WordPress. You could almost consider the show a virtual WordCamp.

You can listen to the podcast thru TalkShoe or subscribing thru iTunes.





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  1. Jeffro2pt0 says: 9/22/2008

    Hey Jim, thanks for the writeup and for being a listener/subscriber of the show. Really appreciate it.


  2. Jim says: 9/23/2008

    Hey Jeff! Great to see you reading our blog too. :) No problemo on the write-up. If you have any special things to share please do email us here at ok?