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Intense Debate + Automatic

Matt Mullenweg recently announced that Automatic has recently acquired Intense Debate.

Intense Debate is a cool commenting system that allows the following features:

– comment threading
– reply by email
– importing and exporting of comments

These three functions will see more exposure and much improved distribution schemes when WordPress steps in helps it’s newest member. The IntenseDebate blog has lined up their expectations in the coming days/weeks as they rev up developments. Some of them would be a brief “invite-only” season for new users and a tighter integration with Akismet and Gravatar.

What this does to the blogging community is awesome. Comment threading alone will keep organization where before dizzy eyes roam about trying to find out what comment/message is from who. If you’d look at the Intense Debate blog comments, you’d know what I’m speaking off.

Matt writes that because Intense Debate is written under a common platform (PHP and MySql), integration would be a lot easier. He mentioned that comment threading will most likely be part of the WordPress core code offer for version 2.7. While the reply by email feature will be available on first.

This partnership is so spot-on! I’m expecting to see more lively comments from hereon. Good job guys!

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  1. Andrew says: 10/14/2008

    It is unfortunate that intensedebate went back into invite only mode just as I wanted to off-site my comments.

    With the comment changes in 2.7 and the work that needs to be done to make all themes compatible, if intensedebate isn’t live when 2.7 gets released they may hand Disqus a lot of traffic.


  2. Stu McLaren says: 10/14/2008

    Will this make many of the plugins that provide comment threading obsolete?