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WordPress 2.7 WireFrames

We’re all eagerly waiting for the release of WordPress 2.7. With the cool new features we’ve been reading about 2.7 here at BloggingPro, our final sigh of relief would probably be this cool new way WordPress communicates its 2.7 development “so far”.

Enter WordPress 2.7 WireFrames.

What is it? In a nutshell it is a document that tells us how things are being developed. Ok already…. here’s the link to the WordPress 2.7 WireFrame. A 13-page PDF file which is worth the read if you want to know how the WordPress mechanics are working.

I personally am amazed at how these guys are servicing the community. Remember that WordPress is FREE, and yet they put so much effort in developing it AND informing us how they are going along.

Be sure to check the PDF, I’m sure it will evolve as the days go by.

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