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WordPress on Microsoft Web Application Installer

News today is that WordPress is available for quick installation thru the new Microsoft Web Application Installer. Matt Mullenweg, Mr. WordPress himself, tagged this news through the WordPress RSS feeds. I was surprised about it myself. I remember a friend asking me how he could install WordPress on his Windows 2005/06 network server. And I remember scratching my head too, and offering a quick wink instead. :p

Well anyway, miracle of miracles… this new tool is available for FREE! Well, due to the fact that they are offering to install open-source products (like WordPress). Check out this page for more feature lists.

With just a few simple clicks, Web AI will check your machine for the necessary pre-requisites, download these applications from their source location in the community, walk you through basic configuration items and then install them on your computer.

System requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems are: Windows Vista RTM, Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008
  • You must have administrator privileges on your computer to run Web Platform Installer Beta
  • .NET 2.0 Framework
  • Supported Architectures: x86 and 64-bit

Hmmm… does this mean we need to have a “microsoft” tag on ;)

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  1. Adinel says: 10/16/2008

    I think this is great news, especially for companies that already have a MS environment making it easier for them to host, configure and use open-source applications. Although, I think MS shot themselves in the foot with this – SharePoint.


  2. Remkus says: 10/16/2008

    Looks like a very nice solution indeed for everyone working with a microsoft platform (for whatever reason)

    about the microsoft tag.. shouldn’t it already be here with a product like windows live writer?


  3. Dave Reid says: 10/16/2008

    Correct me if I’m wrong by XAMPP has allowed for an easy install on windows for quite sometime now.