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I’ve been a huge fan of GrooveShark for about a year now. I’ve never experienced being unsuccessful at finding a song or an artist everytime I hit its page. While I usually go to it through TinySong, I end up using GrooveShark Lite for my immediate online music needs.

Just today I’ve noticed something new. Before when I hit a song’s title, I get to add it to the GrooveShark lite playlist. But today after hovering the song title, I noticed a little icon fade in… saying “embed”. Hmmmm… that caught my attention. Ok so I pressed it… wow!

A page popped out to guide me through the “embedding process”. Starting from a basic widget appearance you are able to fix width, border, add more songs… AND THEN finally choose where to embed the widget at. There are around 50+ embedding possiblities from Friendster to Hi5, from TypePad to, Multiply, MySpace, Blogger, you name it. I’m thinking if you’re sharing a song on the web there is high chance GrooveShark can do the sharing for you.

Check it out for yourself. The only “drawback” I noticed is that I think it’s not WordPress widget sidebar loadable. You have to feed it your WordPress site address, a unique login and password and it will post the widget out for you… as a post! Umm… made me squint.

Try the basic embed option and choose “other sites” and you’d get an object and a java code to embed into your WordPress site or a regular site for that matter.

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  1. Malaka says: 3/30/2009


    I want to put my Grooveshark playlist on my blog, but i can’t. I’ve tried a million things, but it’s impossible. Could you explain me -if you know- how can i make it? Thanks a lot!


  2. bob says: 4/2/2009

    When you have your grooveshark playlist, click on embed. Then after you do all the widget customization and click on finish, the page will have code you can use to embed a widget in any web page. Copy and paste the embed code, which consists of …, into your post edit or page edit, and it should appear on your blog no problem, as long as you have a more recent release of wordpress. I’ve found that as long as you use 2.5 and up, you’re good.


  3. doy says: 9/11/2009

    after copying the code and try to paste it to friendster it display nothing ,,,,,,,wtf !


  4. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    A page popped out to guide me through


  5. rick says: 9/14/2010

    doy, any luck? i think these guys might be talking about the version of wordpress where you have to do programming yourself. i had the same issue you did (nothing appeared) and i am using the basic, browser-based wordpress.


  6. Harald says: 3/29/2011 strips any HTML you attempt to ender. All you end up with is a link to an empty widget.


  7. bill dykoff says: 5/23/2011

    for the second or third time, i’ve had a song previously saved to “favorites” change to a different version by the artist. it’s happened just now when “The Bear” by John Mayall from the Blues from Laurel Canyon album played and it is not the version found on the album, nor the one that has played many times before from groveshark. can anyone explain this?