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YouTube now supports deep linking

If you embed YouTube videos often this news will surely make you smile.  While it’s all not a big feature, I’d like to tell you that YouTube now supports deep links.  This means that you can add a special code to the YouTube video URL that makes a click jump to that specific video timeframe versus starting everything from scratch.  Here’s an example:

Can you see the “#t=0m39s” ?  That stands for “start the video on the 39th second time frame”.  Now if it was a minute and 39 then it would read “#t=1m39s”.  And so on.

A question was posted if there was any button on the YouTube video that will allow you to tag it with the right time URL.  For now, there is none.  You have to manually time it.  But I’m sure YouTube will be putting that in real soon, as it will make things easier for the user.


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