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Publish polls as easy as saying “Poll Daddy”

There is a new icon to press if your blog is hosted at . Look at the strip of buttons along the “add media” section and you’d see an orange lollipop button that will enable you to quickly add polls into your post. Here’s a brief video about this new feature:

Automattic has recently acquired Poll Daddy. The world’s market-leading poll and survey service. What once was an independent marvel is now attached to blogs for ease of use. With a few mouse clicks you’re set to discover a new dimension of “audience interactivity”.

If you’ve been a PollDaddy user for quite some time now, you’d probably be thankful as me to note that there will be super improvements in poll performances. First, polls will load and work faster now that it’s hosted on Automattic servers. Second, well from a 2-person development and support team we now potentially have 30 support team members as the Automattic team lends their hands on the PollDaddy team. Third, with a button inclusion in’s toolbars, building a poll will literally take “over a minute”.

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