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The basic advice before selling your blogs

John Chow has written something really helpful to those who are planning to offer their blog/s as an advertising venue for potential clients.  When you reach out to an advertising network it would help to have these few simple points nailed.  Let me summarize things for you and ad a little “tip” as well.

  1. Have a domain name – you need an easy recall and easy to type domain name.  It should be yours too.  While having your ISPs domain name works, having your own domain name makes you a little professional.  Domains are easy to acquire, install and use.  Go to and get one for less than $10.  You can try listening to too, I know Cali Lewis gives codes thereby saving you a few extra bucks. Having a domain name and using it as your emails domain address proves ownership or affiliation to the domain too.  It’s a little tricky but believe you me, if you say own “” and plan to sell ad space to bestbuy or circuit city… your email needs to be “[email protected]”… professional, shows ownership, and er… cool.
  2. Have a completed about page – the first page that the ad network jumps to is the About Page.  They’d like to know a little more about you.  After you hand in your ad proposal, and if they’re at all interested, they’d hit your page right away to find out more about you, your webpage/blog or your company.  So you gotta have a completed about page.
One thing I do is to put ad placeholders in the blog.  Try to go to a non-profit blog for say the “save the trees campaign” or “unleaded gas campaign” or the “breast cancer campaign”.  Get an ad medallion, a banner ad or a widget ad and place it at areas where the ads should appear.  You can say, while ads aren’t coming in we’re giving these worthwhile campaigns some visibility.  Works good for you in a lot of ways too.

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  1. Dave Starr says: 10/29/2008

    Don’t want to sound too pedantic here, but since this is written to make people aware of the value of professionalism in their buisness, I hope you will take the comment in the spirit it is offered.

    One additional way to look professional is to learn the difference between “advise” and “advice” and how to properly use them. “Advise” is a verb which, among other things means to offer “Advice” … a noun … which is what I think you meant to offer here.


  2. jim says: 10/30/2008

    So right you are Dave… :) thanks!


  3. Millard says: 12/7/2008

    Doesn’t hurt to have a logo which makes you look more professional.


  4. Idil says: 1/10/2009

    Nice…Thanks for the article


  5. Kalem Kamera says: 3/5/2009

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  6. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    When you reach out to an advertising network it would help to have these few simple points nailed. Let me summarize things for you and ad a little “tip” as well.



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