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If you have a very popular blog and popping in and out of the blog’s backoffice is getting to be a chore, here’s an application that will ease the process with a few tweaks of simplicity.  

The moderator sits in your system tray (there’s the clue, windows only guys), and advises you when your blog received a comment with a an icon animation and a audio alert.

Built using Adobe AIR, here are it’s features:

  • Viewing unmoderated comments.
  • Dock and system tray notifications of the number of unmoderated comments.
  • Accept, delete, and spam comments from within the desktop client.
  • Close application window, or minimize it to the system tray while running.
  • Shows the Gravatar icons for the user who posted the comment.
It’s an early release, so don’t expect everything locked in perfect.  The author, Daniel Dura, would be very happy to hear from you as he aims to improve on it with the community’s help.
Check out his page for download, installation, operation and bug reports right here.

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  1. aldreams says: 8/25/2013

    works very well