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Upgrades/Updates too frequent?

Are you noticing the frequency of updates from WordPress?  Since version 2.6, I believe we can list down all updates by month.  Check it out:

July 15 – version 2.6

August 15 – version 2.6.1

September 8 – version 2.6.2 

October 23 – version 2.6.3

I’m not complaining at all, all I’m just saying is that I’m noticing that the frequency is getting to be very close. In 2008 alone we had 3 updates in Feb 5, March 29, April 25 and July 15.  7 updates in all for 2008.  What’s the story behind this?  Is WordPress just all to careful, noticing that the last releases were major and minor security fixes.  Is WordPress tightening its fort making sure that their codes are rock solid for the build up for 2.7?  Good thing I guess.  Good thing that we’ve got a team to look after our blogs.

Anyway, do you upgrade/update your blogs as the versions are released?  Are you an early adopter or you wait a month or so until everyone else has upgraded AND THEN do it yourself?  Please tell me which are you and why you do it.

Let me go first:  For WordPress, I’m an early adopter.  WordPress doesn’t loose the grip, and they make sure everything’s nailed down before releasing an upgrade/update.  So because I trust them, I’m an early adopter. 





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  1. Dave Starr says: 10/26/2008

    Me? I not only think the upgrades are too frequent, fixibng what WordPress themselevs call relatively insignificnat flaws, but the upgrades are poorl;y thought out.

    I used to be a big WordPress fan, now I am actively looking for a replacement. Things like completely breaking the former very intelligent widgets movement system, recognized intercation … well documanted on the help site between WordPress and MySQL resulting in the leading “>” of many html codes being strippe doff and fracturing hundreds of posts … which “gurus” try to blame obn every other program possible instead of their own program’s problems, etc.
    I’ll install 2.7 as a last resort, but guiven the attitude out of Autpmattic lately I am not breathlessly awaiting anything betteer.

    A hidden problem for anyone running many blogs is, if there are an7y server issues even caused by other programs, and the web hosting provider sees that WordPress has not been upgraded, bingo … dump the issue back on the blogger becuase after all, s/he is running ‘outdated’ software.

    Frankly, alhtough my words may appear angry, I’m sd. Success has come close to ruining WordPress.


  2. Andrew says: 10/26/2008

    I have absolutely no problem with security updates. There could be one a day for all I care, if they are important then they should be released.

    I will look at security updates and make my own decisions as to how important they are. I won’t upgrade just because I am told to.

    As for feature releases. I used to be an early adopter. Now I think I may wait until I need to do something I can’t with the version I have.


  3. stinkie ) says: 10/26/2008

    All programs have updates. Does WordPress have to many, I don’t know. I wait about two weeks to make sure everything is good to go on most. I tend to wait longer when it is an overhaul like 2.6 because you really need to prepare for those (I hear another is on it’s way).