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The Flexi quote rotator

If you’ve got an active blog with posts and comments flying around, you may want to consider bringing your visitor’s eyes to those posts that you would like to focus on.  Fortunately there is a new plugin in town which helps you to do just that.

Imagine your blog filled with words and graphics, then a cute little box in a good page lot that gives a smart quotation from a post in focus or a great comment from one of your loyal followers.  Nice eh?  That’s The Flexi quote rotator.

It’s all just a few lines of PHP code and a handsome/professional pull-out quote  comes from your favorite posts.  You can apply your own CSS styles to better fit this in your blog.

You can download the plugin right here.  A demo is provided on the page too.

Let me stress how important it is to navigate your visitors eyes, showing him what may be valuable for him to read.  Don’t let them click away from your blog too fast.  Capture them with short yet attention grabbing information that will keep them in your blog reading, reading, reading.


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