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Landing Sites 1.4.1

One typical blog visitor would be someone searching for a keyword using a search engine (google, yahoo or whatever).  If they find that keyword in your blog they’d naturally click to you and have a quick browse around on what you have written in relation to their search keyword. It would be great if you can keep that visitor as long as you can.  The only way to do it is to help him with his search now wouldn’t it?  Fortunately we have a plugin that could help you help them.

Landing Sites.

This is a plugin that will allow you to show related posts based on your visitors search keyword.  Kinda like “You looked for this, now here it is, and here are other things that maybe related to your search too”.  Here’s a sample screenshot:


Installations are a snap, you just download the files and upload it to your plugins directory.  After which, you need to insert a 5-line PHP code anywhere on your site, preferably on the top lot where the searchers could easily get it.


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  1. kevinseo says: 10/31/2008

    I think this is a very cool tool,Will have a try later


  2. Vincent says: 11/4/2008

    Excellent. Will try it, thanks.


  3. temizlik says: 11/7/2008



  4. Nile Cruises says: 11/8/2008

    Sounds great but I added the plugin, activated it and added the code but nothing seems to happen. I wonder where I’m going wrong?