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Publish polls as easy as saying “Poll Daddy”

There is a new icon to press if your blog is hosted at . Look at the strip of buttons along the “add media” section and you’d see an orange lollipop button that will enable you to quickly add polls into your post. Here’s a brief video about this new feature:

Automattic has recently acquired Poll Daddy. The world’s market-leading poll and survey service. What once was an independent marvel is now attached to blogs for ease of use. With a few mouse clicks you’re set to discover a new dimension of “audience interactivity”.

If you’ve been a PollDaddy user for quite some time now, you’d probably be thankful as me to note that there will be super improvements in poll performances. First, polls will load and work faster now that it’s hosted on Automattic servers. Second, well from a 2-person development and support team we now potentially have 30 support team members as the Automattic team lends their hands on the PollDaddy team. Third, with a button inclusion in’s toolbars, building a poll will literally take “over a minute”.

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YouTube now supports deep linking

If you embed YouTube videos often this news will surely make you smile.  While it’s all not a big feature, I’d like to tell you that YouTube now supports deep links.  This means that you can add a special code to the YouTube video URL that makes a click jump to that specific video timeframe versus starting everything from scratch.  Here’s an example:

Can you see the “#t=0m39s” ?  That stands for “start the video on the 39th second time frame”.  Now if it was a minute and 39 then it would read “#t=1m39s”.  And so on.

A question was posted if there was any button on the YouTube video that will allow you to tag it with the right time URL.  For now, there is none.  You have to manually time it.  But I’m sure YouTube will be putting that in real soon, as it will make things easier for the user.


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The GrooveShark Widget

I’ve been a huge fan of GrooveShark for about a year now. I’ve never experienced being unsuccessful at finding a song or an artist everytime I hit its page. While I usually go to it through TinySong, I end up using GrooveShark Lite for my immediate online music needs.

Just today I’ve noticed something new. Before when I hit a song’s title, I get to add it to the GrooveShark lite playlist. But today after hovering the song title, I noticed a little icon fade in… saying “embed”. Hmmmm… that caught my attention. Ok so I pressed it… wow!

A page popped out to guide me through the “embedding process”. Starting from a basic widget appearance you are able to fix width, border, add more songs… AND THEN finally choose where to embed the widget at. There are around 50+ embedding possiblities from Friendster to Hi5, from TypePad to, Multiply, MySpace, Blogger, you name it. I’m thinking if you’re sharing a song on the web there is high chance GrooveShark can do the sharing for you.

Check it out for yourself. The only “drawback” I noticed is that I think it’s not WordPress widget sidebar loadable. You have to feed it your WordPress site address, a unique login and password and it will post the widget out for you… as a post! Umm… made me squint.

Try the basic embed option and choose “other sites” and you’d get an object and a java code to embed into your WordPress site or a regular site for that matter.

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Game Changer: Raises The Bar (For iPhone Blogging)

I think I have just seen the future of iBlogging–and behold it looks glorious.

Called, this iPhone app was created mostly by Igrick (with some design help from Damper and Igor-Safonov) of CosySoftware, (note: link is not working as of this post) who comes from the frozen nation of Russia.

Although this app is specifically limited to LiveJournal, CosySoftware’s ingenius approach to blogging on the iPhone may force every other iBlogging app to copy their features (whether they choose to connect to LiveJournal or not). Read More

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WordPress on Microsoft Web Application Installer

News today is that WordPress is available for quick installation thru the new Microsoft Web Application Installer. Matt Mullenweg, Mr. WordPress himself, tagged this news through the WordPress RSS feeds. I was surprised about it myself. I remember a friend asking me how he could install WordPress on his Windows 2005/06 network server. And I remember scratching my head too, and offering a quick wink instead. :p

Well anyway, miracle of miracles… this new tool is available for FREE! Well, due to the fact that they are offering to install open-source products (like WordPress). Check out this page for more feature lists.

With just a few simple clicks, Web AI will check your machine for the necessary pre-requisites, download these applications from their source location in the community, walk you through basic configuration items and then install them on your computer.

System requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems are: Windows Vista RTM, Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008
  • You must have administrator privileges on your computer to run Web Platform Installer Beta
  • .NET 2.0 Framework
  • Supported Architectures: x86 and 64-bit

Hmmm… does this mean we need to have a “microsoft” tag on ;)

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WordPress 2.7 WireFrames

We’re all eagerly waiting for the release of WordPress 2.7. With the cool new features we’ve been reading about 2.7 here at BloggingPro, our final sigh of relief would probably be this cool new way WordPress communicates its 2.7 development “so far”.

Enter WordPress 2.7 WireFrames.

What is it? In a nutshell it is a document that tells us how things are being developed. Ok already…. here’s the link to the WordPress 2.7 WireFrame. A 13-page PDF file which is worth the read if you want to know how the WordPress mechanics are working.

I personally am amazed at how these guys are servicing the community. Remember that WordPress is FREE, and yet they put so much effort in developing it AND informing us how they are going along.

Be sure to check the PDF, I’m sure it will evolve as the days go by.

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Intense Debate + Automatic

Matt Mullenweg recently announced that Automatic has recently acquired Intense Debate.

Intense Debate is a cool commenting system that allows the following features:

– comment threading
– reply by email
– importing and exporting of comments

These three functions will see more exposure and much improved distribution schemes when WordPress steps in helps it’s newest member. The IntenseDebate blog has lined up their expectations in the coming days/weeks as they rev up developments. Some of them would be a brief “invite-only” season for new users and a tighter integration with Akismet and Gravatar.

What this does to the blogging community is awesome. Comment threading alone will keep organization where before dizzy eyes roam about trying to find out what comment/message is from who. If you’d look at the Intense Debate blog comments, you’d know what I’m speaking off.

Matt writes that because Intense Debate is written under a common platform (PHP and MySql), integration would be a lot easier. He mentioned that comment threading will most likely be part of the WordPress core code offer for version 2.7. While the reply by email feature will be available on first.

This partnership is so spot-on! I’m expecting to see more lively comments from hereon. Good job guys!

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Comments features for WordPress 2.7 from Otto

If you’re a WordPress theme developer you may want to keep your themes technically aligned to new commenting features that will most probably make it to WordPress version 2.7. Otto, who is a well-known and respected WordPress community member has published this article regarding his commenting features. Check it out! There is a preview to the new 2.7 commenting system at that page too.

Here are some of the enhancements that Otto covers:
â–ª Creating a 2.7 compatible comments.php file
â–ª Password protection check
â–ª The comments loop
â–ª The power of Ajax
â–ª Styling

We all know that commenting is one of the great features that WordPress is known for. Apparently the development team is taking this feature a step further by offering important feature upgrades like threading, paging and javascript enhancements.

I bet ‘ya this will result in better blogs as people can now interact intuitively from one comment to another.

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