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Chitika | Premium gives you control over your ads

Those using Chitika to monetie their blogs should be glad to learn that there is a new WordPress plugin that will help you to easily manage your Chitika ads on your WordPress blog.

Chitika|Premium is a CPC search-targeted advertising solution brought to you by Chitika. It can be run on the same page as Google AdSense, or on its own as an AdSense alternative.

Chitika|Premium ads sample

This plugin allows you to easily change the display of your Chitika|Premium ads through a settings page in the WordPress admin interface. It allows you to change any of the following features:

  • Ad size
  • Link and text color
  • Background color
  • Display position (above or below your post)
  • Channel

Installing Chitika|Premium is just the same as any other plugin. Download it first, then extract, and then you need to fire up your favorite FTP client, and log in to your WordPress installation. Then do the following steps:

  1. Upload /chitika-premium/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin Chitika|Premium through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Chitika | Premium’ to activate the display and add your username and change any display settings.
    If you are using a version of WordPress earlier than 2.5 your configuration screen will be in ‘Options’ > ‘Chitika|Premium’

If you have any problems using Chitika | Premium, don’t hesitate to contact the plugin developers.

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Integrate Plurk to Firefox with Plurkybar

Those who have switched microblogs from Twitter to Plurk have been disappointed at the lack of Firefox add-ons available. Need proof? Off the top of my head, without googling, I can name a few Twitter add-ons for our favorite browser: Twitterfox, Twitbin, TwitKit, Twitterbar and so many more. Plurk, on the other hand, has very little selections to speak of.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Plurk’s horizontal timeline scheme, and I try to use the mobile interface as often as I can. In fact, I was able to devise a way to use the mobile interface solely. I installed Mozilla Prism and made an application out of Plurk. But constantly updating it manually can be a pain. Read More

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WordPress 2.6.5 Security Upgrade

WordPress 2.6.5 is now available for download. I know some of you guys aren’t too keen on going through another security upgrade and would want to hold off upgrading until 2.7 gets released. The Automattic team, however, is recommending that everyone upgrades immediately. But According to the update page,

The security issue is an XSS exploit discovered by Jeremias Reith that fortunately only affects IP-based virtual servers running on Apache 2.x. If you are interested only in the security fix, copy wp-includes/feed.php and wp-includes/version.php from the 2.6.5 release package.

2.6.5 contains three other small fixes in addition to the XSS fix. The first prevents accidentally saving post meta information to a revision. The second prevents XML-RPC from fetching incorrect post types. The third adds some user ID sanitization during bulk delete requests. For a list of changed files, consult the full changeset between 2.6.3 and 2.6.5.

So there you have it guys. Don’t hold off upgrading because you want WordPress 2.7 to be your next version of WordPress. You can update to 2.6.5 by just replacing two files, wp-includes/feed.php and wp-includes/version.php and upload (overwrite existing files) them to your wp-includes folder.They are also skipping 2.6.4 to prevent confusion with a fake version that had fooled some people a few weeks ago.

You can download WordPress 2.6.5 here or you can use the Automatic Upgrade plugin if you’re not too keen on manually uploading the files.

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Six Apart launches TypePad Connect Beta

Six Apart has launched the beta version of TypePad Connect, a Disqus-style commenting service that includes MyBlogLog-like profiles. The new comment service has a sleek new interface and great features like threading, easy pagination, OpenID sign in, email notifications of replies and the ability to reply via email. The comments are protected by TypePad AntiSpam.

TypePad Connect lets you style your comments so that it will look the same way with the rest of your blog. It also features a Gravatar-like profile picture system. Apparently TypePad Connect is a way for Six Apart to create a service that helps bloggers connect with their readers and other bloggers, in a more open, more powerful, and more meaningful fashion.

Typepad Connect is also integrated with the new TypePad Profiles. TypePad Profiles takes advantage of things you’re already doing and automatically updates itself, to keep your profile up to date and interesting. So if you have your Twitter synced to your profile, your status will be updated to reflect your current Twitter update. And finally, feeds, Microformats, and Open ID is also supported by TypePad Profiles.

These new profiles and comments are not just available for TypePad bloggers but for ANY blogger or web site for free. TypePad Connect is available for all of the major blog platforms. That means if you’re on TypePad, Moveable Type, WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger, you would be able to use this new service without paying a thing.

What do you think about this new service? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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Strip! removes off-topic links from comments

Lately we’ve seen an increase in people that leave comments that are actually responding or even sharing their thoughts in the blog entry. But sometimes they include an off-topic link at the end of the comment.

The said comments aren’t spammy, but linking to off-topic sites isn’t something I consider good commenting behavior. In fact, comments like these give the impression that the person who did this was insincere and is only using my blog as part of SEO. Frankly, this blatant promotion annoys me at times, because there are way too many comments to edit and links to delete, and I don’t have much time for that. A plugin that will automate the process of removing links through a single mouse click would be a godsend.

Strip! by Markku Seguerra is a WordPress plugin that allows you hide links from a given comment. This gives you a button to strip any given comment of links, and unlike other plugins that offer a similar function, Strip! also gives you the option of restoring the links with the same button.

Strip! has been tested on WordPress 2.6, but may still work with older versions.

Installation of Strip! is easy: just upload to your WordPress installation using your favorite FTP client, and activate through the plugins page. You’d see the strip/unstrip buttons right away. I’ve been using Strip! on my personal blog since the time he unveiled it at WordCamp Philippines, and I’ve been satisfied with it so far. You can download Strip! from here.

What other commenting behavior do you find annoying? If you use other plugins to combat comment off-topic llinking, tell me about it.

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Journalists Get Free TypePad Pro Accounts

Newly laid-off journalists can get a free TypePad Pro account from Six Apart, thanks to their TypePad Journalist Bailout Program. With the mantra “Because your Tumblr and Tweets, while clever, will not pay your bills”, SixApart aims to support online journalism. According to SixApart, “During a time when so many great journalists are worried about losing their jobs, we want to do what we can to help.”

Of course, a blog can’t replace a full-time writing gig, but it’s a start. A pretty good start, if you ask me, because those who try this program out get the following:

  • A free TypePad Pro account worth $14.95 per month. This is the service that powers big-name media blogs. Professional technical support is even included.
  • Enrollment in the Six Apart Media advertising program, ads “that pay a lot more than simple Google text ads.”
  • Promotion on, to jumpstart traffic, and a very effective way for those in the Journalist Bailout Program to cross-promote their sites.

The only thing journalists need to do to avail of this program is to send Six Apart the link to their last piece for a newspaper, magazine or broadcast journalism venue to [email protected]. They say that this program might end soon, but there’s no word yet on a definite date, and response to the program has been overwhelming.

 If they do want to get journalists to start blogging, this is a great start. Offering not only a free blogging platform, but also an advertising program to be able to profit from the blog is a brilliant PR move.

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WordPress Plugin: WP-Tuner

We all love WordPress, but sometimes it can get just really, really slow. And no matter how we look for the cause, sometimes there’s just no way to figure out what’s been giving your WordPress installation the hiccups. Thank goodness somebody came up with WP-Tuner.

WP-Tuner for WordPress is a powerful and easy way to answer hard questions about why your blog is slow or cranky. What’s causing the slowdown? Is it a plugin? Is it your host? This plugin will help you find out. One problem, though, with this particular plugin is that it’s not for the novice. Advanced WP users will be able to understand what the plugin tells them, but it may not be that obvious for everyone.

WP-Tuner is recommended to be used by:

  • WordPress site administrators
  • WordPress plugin and theme designers
  • WordPress developers

WP-Tuner can also be used with a number of advanced ways, like hooking any WordPress action to it. You can even use it to time anything at all in WordPress.

Installing WP-Tuner is as easy as installing any other plugin: upload using your favorite FTP client, and activate via the plugins page. Be sure to read the plugin’s readme file and the associated help documents before using it.

Used with a bit of common sense, this powerful plugin will help blog administrators as well as software developers improve their WordPress blog performance.

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The BlogStudio offers $1000 discount

The BlogStudio will automatically give a $1000 discount on all new design projects signed by November 30, 2008. Those looking to save some money without sacrificing quality for blog design can definitely check them out.

The reason they’re doing it, simply, is to challenge themselves. Founder Peter Flaschner says:

Why on earth are we doing this, you ask? Well, it?s simple really. Adam, Mike, and Lucia are super busy with some top-secret development work, leaving me with a bit of time on my hands. I?m sitting here feeling all guilty while the rest of the team is slaving away, so I thought I?d try a little experiment to see if I can single-handedly book a couple of new projects between now and the end of the month.

If you want to see their past work, you have to check out their impressive portfolio. You can contact them by requesting for a proposal, or by simply geting in touch with them.

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nextMEDIA – Where to Look Next? Trends for 2009

As always, if you want to see everything I am writing about nextMEDIA, please check out where I’ve placed an index for all of the posts I am doing around the Splashpress Media network

Starting with an amazing slide of all of the trends and words that companies will need to know going forward, Lori’s presentation was very marketing and marketer focused.

What the lab does is allow people to get their hands on the latest technology in a comfortable, home like way.

“The current economy is an opportunity for digital media content producers” – Lori Schwartz

Even with the downturned economy, online advertising is expected to grow from $24.5 billion in 2008 to $28.5 billion in 2009.

Open platforms are driving ubiquity. Where there is OpenSocial, and Google’s Android where things are able to scale, and be developed in an interesting way that hasn’t been done before and creates new opportunities for developers, brands and advertisers.

Read More

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WordPress Plugin: Shared Items Post

Google Reader is a nice little blogging tool that is an essential item in my arsenal. Aside from the obvious RSS aggregating capabilities of Google Reader, I also use Google Reader as a bookmark manager of sorts for my followed feeds. And I can choose to star some entries for reviewing, by myself, at a later time, or I can also choose to share some articles that caught my interest with others.

By default, these shared items are readily available to your Google contacts who use Google Reader. But what if you want to share these entries with your blog readers as well? The people at Google Tutor came up with a nifty plugin that lets you include your shared items on your WordPress blog.

Shared Items Post is a WordPress plugin that automagically creates a blog post from your Google Reader Shared Items feed. You can schedule the post to go out daily, weekly, or monthly and even set the time of day. Read More

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