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Here’s a cool development from the pages.  They have recently launched a section called “WordPress Showcase”, which is a page dedicated to display great WordPress implementations by users just like us.  I’m not really sure how many sites are displayed there now but by the look of things it may be just a little less than a hundred.  I say that because the tag counts on the left sidebar are still climbing up to the 50s.  I’m pretty sure it will grow exponentially in due time.  Suggest a site (!), one of the marvelous ways you can get the WordPress community take a look at your work.

WordPress Showcase sections would be the usual Feature Sites, Recently Added Sites, Top Rated Sites, Tagged Sites & Search for a site.  

I like how the Featured Site section shows a good mid-sized thumbnail of the featured site.  It is very encouraging, for one, to see that their webpages are shown to the community, attract visitors, site admirers and hopefully loyal following too.

I think this feature will go a long way in encouraging the WordPress community to build more performing sites.  This gives everyone a good view of how WordPress is used across the globe.



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  1. Sean Proske says: 11/12/2008

    That’s great news. I recently wrote a post that touched on the importance of customizing your WordPress installation rather than using an off the shelf theme. This is just one more reason to do something different.


  2. Walter says: 1/4/2009

    Do not order from Design Disease!!! – they owe me projects for months and they simply do not communicate, or refund payment or nothing at all. Buyer beware!! Now, going to report them to Better Business Bureau and other sites….