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WordPress Plugin: WordPlurk

One of the best ways to promote your blog is to post updates on your microblogging services, whether it be Twitter, Jaiku, or whatever it is they use. It helps you have more channels for people to discover and get updates, and your followers can get instantaneous updates on your entries.

And of course automating the process via web apps or plugins will make things a lot easier for us. On the Twitter side of the microblogging spectrum, we have Twitterfeed, which gets updates from your blog RSS and updates Twitter with it. WordPress have a lot of plugins a lot of plugins to choose from, the most famous of which would be Alex King‘s Twitter Tools.

For the longest time, users of Plurk have been stuck with manually updating their timeline whenever they post a new blog entry. However, with the release of the unofficial API, we see plugin developers hard at work creating ways to integrate Plurk with WordPress.

One early effort would be WordPlurk. It easily creats a complete integration between your WordPress blog with Plurk. It creates a post on Plurk whenever you post in your blog, with a link to the blog post.

The plugin is in its early stages though, and the barebones interface of the plugin shows it. In fact, there are a few things left to be desired in this plugin:

  • Only one Plurk account is supported (not one account per author).
  • When a post is deleted, the Plurk update isn’t.
  • Plurk login details are not checked to see if they’re correct.
  • No sidebar widget, or any other way to put the latest Plurk on the sidebar is available.

Despite the caveats in WordPlurk, this seems to be a great start for the plugin. This is on plugin we should definitely keep an eye on. You can download WordPlurk from here.

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