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WordPress 2.7 Beta 3 Has Been Released

We’re on the fast track to WordPress 2.7. The new dashboard has been subjected to a couple of surveys, the icons to be used for the admin interface will be decided upon with a contest, and a new 2.7 beta has been released. The version has the following new features, such as:

  • Numerous style improvements and refinements.
  • All admin notices now go under the page title.
  • PHP Notice fixes.
  • Dashboard widget options now properly save.
  • Menu fixes.
  • New design for Quick Edit.
  • Canonical feed URL fixes.
  • Walker fixes.
  • An update for Hello Dolly.
  • Plugin installer updates.
  • Numerous font updates.
  • Updated login logo.
  • Switch position of “Save Draft” and “Preview” buttons in publish module.
  • File upload support for MS Office 2007+ file formats.
  • Media upload buttons won’t show if the user doesn’t have the upload capability.
  • Canonical redirects only do yes-www or no-www redirection for domains.
  • Shift-click checkbox range selection improvement.
  • Add New User page now separate.
  • Tag suggest only suggests tags (not other taxonomy terms).
  • QuickPress shows “Submit for Review” if user cannot publish.
  • Private posts/pages, and password-protected posts/pages are rolled into new “Visibility” section of publish module.

If you Beta 1 or Beta 2 installed already, just go to Tools -> Update to upgrade to Beta 3. If you encounter problems in upgrading, or if this is the first time you’ll be using 2.7 beta, just upgrade the old-fashioned way: through manual uploading for the files via FTP.

Remember, this is a beta release. Do not use this on an important blog, as 2.7 in its current state may break it. If you have a minor or a test blog around, or if you absolutely know what you’re doing, do upgrade. You can download WordPress 2.7 Beta 3 from here.

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  1. Gonzalo says: 11/17/2008

    Sounds like it has lots of improvements and upgrades.

    Thank for the info, gonna upgrade right away.



  2. Submit Wordpress Themes says: 11/17/2008

    Its very interesting to see more developments with wordpress, looking for wordpress to be optimized for php5


  3. Toki Kayabas Evleri says: 11/17/2008

    woww….Ä°nteresting subject about wordpress thanks…


  4. tarot readers says: 11/17/2008

    wow, great, I just upgraded my blog to 2.63… seems I have to do another upgrade.


  5. worldenglishnews says: 11/19/2008

    I am looking forward to this latest update.


  6. Susan says: 11/19/2008

    The new version is quite interesting!


  7. subway surf says: 5/21/2014

    thx for information, what about coming news about the wordpress?



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