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2.7 Dashboard: Project Icon

Part of the road map to WordPress 2.7 would be Project Icon. The 2.7 development team asked for help from icon designers all over the world, and an icon contest was held. The submissions were shown to the WordPress community, where people voted for the icons they want. And here are the results of Project Icon:

  • More than 3,700 people participated in and completed the survey.
  • The winner of the contest, garnering 35% of the votes, is Ben Dunkle. His icon set (you could see it on the right side) will be the one you’ll see in the default 2.7 Dashboard.
  • The first runner up would be Verena Segert, and her work would be included as an alternate icon set.
  • Ben and Verena will be doing revisions to some of their icons so that both sets will use the same metaphors, creating the colored “on” states, and creating the larger size of each icon for use in the h2 screen headers.

The survey also showed that a few of the individual icon metaphors also had a significant lead over the other choices.

Dashboard: 1333 voters (40%) chose a house as the best metaphor. Both Ben and Verena will be replacing their dashboard icons to reflect the taste of the community.

Media: 2097 voters (65%) chose the combination camera + musical note icon, which was part of Ben’s set. Verena will be amending her media icon to incorporate this idea.

Plugins: 1682 voters (53%) selected the outlet plug metaphor. Ben and Verena used the same idea in their sets.

Tools: 1581 voters (49%) liked the combination of two tools better than anything else. Ben and Verena will be changing their icons as well to reflect this.

Also, there’s apparently a demand for a plugin that will let people upload their own icon sets if the two sets included aren’t up to their taste. Plugin writers, take note.

Now that Project Icon is finished, we can’t wait to see Ben and Verena’s icons in 2.7 RC1 and in 2.7 final.

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