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WordPress 2.7: What To Watch Out For

Don’t know what’s in it for you in WordPress 2.7? Aaron Brazelli of has written a list of 10 things you need to look for in WordPress 2.7. I find it fascinating and it makes me all the more excited for the next version of WordPress. If 2.5 was focused on redesigning the WordPress backend, 2.7, according to Aaron, was a complete rebuild of WordPress and the result is a “semantically, aesthetically and structurally different WordPress” than previous versions.

To summarize Aaron’s excellent post, this are the things we need to look out for in WordPress 2.7:

  • Vertical Menus – This is a radical redesign of the WordPress backend. Aaron predicts that you might hate the new menu for a while, but it will grow on you.
  • Dashboard – The new redesigned dashboard doesn’t only look sexier – it’s easily customizable. The “Screen Options” button in the upper right gives you access to the Dashboard configuration panel, where you can select the modules you want to displayed on your dashboard. And changes you make as an admin are not universally implemented, so your users can configure their dashboard the way they want to.
  • QuickEdit and WP-admin Comment Reply – QuickEdit gives you access to most of the “non-content” portions of a post such as author, post title, tags, timestamp, etc. You can also reply to your comments while you are within WP-admin.
  • Configurable Layouts – Taking inspiration from, you can now customize via drag-and-drop every component of your dashboard.
  • Threaded Comments and Comment Paging – If DISQUS and IntenseDebate could do it, why not WordPress?  You don’t need a plugin anymore!
  • Media Page – Still the same in 2.6, but much more accesible.
  • Complete Plugin Installation and Management – You can now install and manage plugins on WordPress without using FTP.
  • Sticky Posts – You can now designate a post as “sticky” and keep it on top, no matter how old it is.
  • Template Tags – New page templates that utilize some of the new features outlined abouve.
  • Comments API - Offline blog editors like Windows Live Writer or Marsedit can perform comment moderation and editing from an offline client.

Looks like 2.7 is the best version of WordPress yet. Are you excited for 2.7 as much as I am?

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