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WordPress Plugin: Shared Items Post

Google Reader is a nice little blogging tool that is an essential item in my arsenal. Aside from the obvious RSS aggregating capabilities of Google Reader, I also use Google Reader as a bookmark manager of sorts for my followed feeds. And I can choose to star some entries for reviewing, by myself, at a later time, or I can also choose to share some articles that caught my interest with others.

By default, these shared items are readily available to your Google contacts who use Google Reader. But what if you want to share these entries with your blog readers as well? The people at Google Tutor came up with a nifty plugin that lets you include your shared items on your WordPress blog.

Shared Items Post is a WordPress plugin that automagically creates a blog post from your Google Reader Shared Items feed. You can schedule the post to go out daily, weekly, or monthly and even set the time of day.

The plugin is pretty straightforward, enabling you to automatically make a post out of your shared items. Since this is a pretty new plugin, the features are quite sparse. So far, the plugin only has these features:

  • Post scheduling – by day, week or month, and time of day
  • Post formatting – you have complete control over the layout of post from the plugin admin panel
  • Post settings – set the author, category, and tags

Installation is straightforward: just download the file from here, unzip and upload to your plugins directory using your favorite FTP client, and activate in your plugins page. To see the plugin in action, Google Tutor provides us with these two sample posts here and here to see how it looks.

Honestly, I’d love to see a sidebar widget that will let us post a non-javascript version of our shared items on our blog sidebars, but I’m hoping that gets included in the future.

Overall, Shared Items Post is a good plugin for you to be able to share your favorite reads in your RSS subscriptions, and a nice way for your blog to have content when new posts cone far in between.

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  1. Peter Flaschner says: 11/26/2008

    Funny, I was just adding a link from Google Reader to my delicious account so it would show up on my site. This plugin removes that one step, and allows me to use delicious as it’s intended. Thanks!


  2. Domenic says: 1/7/2009



  3. Cristiano says: 1/25/2009

    Very useful. Thanks!
    I was just wondering if it’s possible to set automatically posts private.