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WordPress Plugin: WP-Tuner

We all love WordPress, but sometimes it can get just really, really slow. And no matter how we look for the cause, sometimes there’s just no way to figure out what’s been giving your WordPress installation the hiccups. Thank goodness somebody came up with WP-Tuner.

WP-Tuner for WordPress is a powerful and easy way to answer hard questions about why your blog is slow or cranky. What’s causing the slowdown? Is it a plugin? Is it your host? This plugin will help you find out. One problem, though, with this particular plugin is that it’s not for the novice. Advanced WP users will be able to understand what the plugin tells them, but it may not be that obvious for everyone.

WP-Tuner is recommended to be used by:

  • WordPress site administrators
  • WordPress plugin and theme designers
  • WordPress developers

WP-Tuner can also be used with a number of advanced ways, like hooking any WordPress action to it. You can even use it to time anything at all in WordPress.

Installing WP-Tuner is as easy as installing any other plugin: upload using your favorite FTP client, and activate via the plugins page. Be sure to read the plugin’s readme file and the associated help documents before using it.

Used with a bit of common sense, this powerful plugin will help blog administrators as well as software developers improve their WordPress blog performance.

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  1. Danny says: 11/22/2008

    I don’t mean to be a hardass but…proofreading may be in order.


  2. Ade Magnaye says: 11/23/2008

    @Danny You’re right. Fixed.


  3. Susan says: 11/23/2008

    Nice – I’ll have to check this one out.


  4. Gift Blog says: 12/1/2008

    U r right, I ust this some Plugin and I face the Problem.


  5. clhmedia says: 12/18/2008

    sounds awesome, will have to download and try this out


  6. Rony says: 1/13/2009

    Can we use this plugin along with wp-super-cache?


  7. putrago says: 1/29/2009

    Nice – I’ll have to check this one out.