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Journalists Get Free TypePad Pro Accounts

Newly laid-off journalists can get a free TypePad Pro account from Six Apart, thanks to their TypePad Journalist Bailout Program. With the mantra “Because your Tumblr and Tweets, while clever, will not pay your bills”, SixApart aims to support online journalism. According to SixApart, “During a time when so many great journalists are worried about losing their jobs, we want to do what we can to help.”

Of course, a blog can’t replace a full-time writing gig, but it’s a start. A pretty good start, if you ask me, because those who try this program out get the following:

  • A free TypePad Pro account worth $14.95 per month. This is the service that powers big-name media blogs. Professional technical support is even included.
  • Enrollment in the Six Apart Media advertising program, ads “that pay a lot more than simple Google text ads.”
  • Promotion on, to jumpstart traffic, and a very effective way for those in the Journalist Bailout Program to cross-promote their sites.

The only thing journalists need to do to avail of this program is to send Six Apart the link to their last piece for a newspaper, magazine or broadcast journalism venue to [email protected]. They say that this program might end soon, but there’s no word yet on a definite date, and response to the program has been overwhelming.

 If they do want to get journalists to start blogging, this is a great start. Offering not only a free blogging platform, but also an advertising program to be able to profit from the blog is a brilliant PR move.

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