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Integrate Plurk to Firefox with Plurkybar

Those who have switched microblogs from Twitter to Plurk have been disappointed at the lack of Firefox add-ons available. Need proof? Off the top of my head, without googling, I can name a few Twitter add-ons for our favorite browser: Twitterfox, Twitbin, TwitKit, Twitterbar and so many more. Plurk, on the other hand, has very little selections to speak of.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Plurk’s horizontal timeline scheme, and I try to use the mobile interface as often as I can. In fact, I was able to devise a way to use the mobile interface solely. I installed Mozilla Prism and made an application out of Plurk. But constantly updating it manually can be a pain.

Enter Plurkybar. Apparently, the developer, Martin Gomez, has the same concerns as I do. Looking for a Plurk add-on for Firefox, and finding only TwisterMc’s Plurk Firefox Sidebar, which he found too simple, he set out to develop Plurkybar. Here’s what he says about his creation:

Plurkybar is “an immensely simple Plurk sidebar for Firefox.” Just download it and you’ll be able to plurk within Firefox without having to have a dedicated window or tab. It automatically refreshes every minute so that you’re assured that you get the hottest, freshest, latest plurks available in your timeline.

Installation isn’t as smooth as going to the Mozilla Add-ons site, though. You have to select “Open with Firefox” if you want to install it there and then, or “Save File” to install it later. If you downloaded the it, just double-click the .xpi file to install Plurkybar. Once you’ve installed Plurkybar, just hit Ctrl+Shift+P to run it, and it’ll open up in your sidebar.

It’s a bit rough around the edges, but that’s why it’s version 0.1. Martin’s actively encouraging feedback and suggestions though, so why don’t you give Plurkybar a try?

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  1. ithemes says: 11/27/2008

    thanks, go to try out


  2. Andrea Tannouri says: 12/9/2008

    Thanks for the info, I will this negatively affect my Karma if I use it and not the Plurk site?


  3. Ade Magnaye says: 12/9/2008


    No it will not. Karma is related to your frequency of posting. Hope that clears that up.


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  6. mikeyaozm says: 9/20/2009

    very little selections to speak of.


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