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Pownce Joining Six Apart, Closing

Microblogging service Pownce, once touted as Twitter’s heir apparent, is closing down on December 15. The Pownce team has joined SixApart, and they will be bringing their technology with them. The team is now working on an export tool that will let users transfer their posts to other blogging services such as Vox, TypePad, or WordPress. Leah Culver writes on the Pownce blog:

We?re very happy that Six Apart wants to invest in growing the vision that we the founders of Pownce believe so strongly in and we?re very excited to take our vision to all of Six Apart?s products. Mike and I have joined Six Apart as part of their engineering team and we?re looking forward to being a part of the talented group that has created amazing tools for blogging and publishing.

Even though they will be coming up with an export tool soon, those who paid for Pro accounts have been told that they will be emailed soon with more information. On the Six Apart blog though, they’ve announced that Pownce Pro users will get a year’s TypePad pro account for free. As for the Pownce team, they seem to have settled into Vox. Leah Culver and Mike Malone has made Vox their new home. So Pownce is closing, Leah and Mike are joining Vox, but will the community join in? Six Apart hopes so. What’s your take? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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  1. David Risley says: 12/6/2008

    Don’t need to sound crabby, but I never particularly cared for Pownce anyway. Twitter is where the people are at.


  2. Millard says: 12/7/2008

    I am new to Twitter but I like what I have seen.


  3. scot says: 12/7/2008

    You may want to check out

    It’s the first niche-microblogging platform with twitter integration.

    Best part. They’re a bootstrapped, small team! Go underdogs!


  4. Deepak says: 12/8/2008

    Hey ! Nice to hear that Pounce is going at last. I had heard of Twitter a lot and joined recently. But never heard of Pounce. The best one should remain and the laggards should go eventually. That is what is happening. By the way I blog at —, See u there.