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WordPress Plugin: Admin Drop Down Menu

The new Dashboard in WordPress 2.7, with the left hand navigation, has been found by many people, me included, to be the Dashboard the best one yet. However there are those who prefer the old topbar navigation of WordPress versions past.

This is where Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu come in to be very handy. Originally meant as a way to reduce clicks and to make navigation faster, the plugin retains the topbar navigation and has a lot of new features for WordPress 2.7 users.

According to the plugin author, “When WordPress 2.7 and its new and optimized user interface came, I thought there was still room for improvements: a horizontal menu gave the admin area more of a “desktop application” feel, and I think it’s superior to a vertical menu.”

The features of this plugin would be:

  • Customizable color scheme with a neat color picker
  • Normal mode for regular users, compact mode for real estate maniacs, minimal mode for those who never have enough
  • Optional cute icons from FamFamFam
  • Enhanced compatibility with handheld devices

I absolutely loved the color picker. I thought the new colors of 2.7 were a bit drab compared to the orange of the previous version.

color picker

I also find the compact version to be the best way to go about using this plugin, because it saves you a lot of screen real estate.

Installation should be a breeze: download from here, upload to your plugins folder using your favorite FTP client, and activate via the plugins page.

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  1. Linus says: 12/13/2008

    Agree 100%. Made a post about the exact same thing here:


  2. Ozh says: 12/13/2008

    Thanks for the praise :)


  3. James says: 12/14/2008

    Thanks for a great article ! I’ve got a favored list of plugins I use for most of my sites, but this has opened my eyes to other options.


  4. Rolandas says: 1/11/2009

    I just add few site with wordpress its like good …
    And your plugin like nice

    I am using this


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