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Create a Custom WordPress Plugin

While it might not be the tutorial that many of us want, NETTuts has published a great guide to making your first WordPress plugin from scratch. They talk about making something that can show products from OSCommerce, which while interesting, isn’t what my first choice would be.

In today’s tutorial we’ll be talking about creating a WordPress plugin that extracts and displays products from an external OSCommerce shop database. We will start by describing the file structure of a plugin and where it must be included in the WordPress structure, then we’ll be having a closer look at how to make our plugin visible for WordPress and integrating it with actions run by its frame.

They cover the important broad strokes though, and help people realize that it is mostly PHP knowledge that comes into play when making a WordPress plugin, so if you aren’t strong in PHP, or aren’t willing to learn, then you might want to stick to the ones that are already developed.

Some of the great parts for anyone interested in plugin development to note include information on how to make your own page in the WordPress administration panel, as well as dealing with hooks to display your work on the public facing theme.

I hope to see more of such tutorials from NETTuts in the future, as WordPress plugin development interests me, and I enjoy how the Envato network writers break down concepts.

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  1. JamieO says: 1/30/2009

    For those who learn to code their plugins and want an overview of how to make your own repository on the Plugins Directory, I put together a brief tutorial on WordPress Plugin SVN setup that you might enjoy.


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  3. blances says: 4/22/2009

    Thank you


  4. shop vac parts says: 10/23/2009

    thanks for sharing the link to that guide. i’m not that strong in PHP but the guide is pretty darn clear and breaks things down into simple easy to follow steps.