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Integrating Twitter into Your Blog

NETTuts has recently put out an article relating to integrating Twitter on your website. Since blogs are a type of website, I figured now would be a good time to go over some WordPress plugins that help integrate Twitter into your blog.

There are three sets of plugins, ones that display your Twitter messages on your blog, ones that allow you to push out notifications of your blog posts to Twitter and ones that create other interactions with Twitter.

Displaying Tweets

LifeStream – I use this plugin on what “should” be my company site, Digital Life News and I enjoy it. Fairly full featured, and backed by a close friend of mine.

Lifestream displays your social feeds and photos much like you would see it on many of the social networking sites.

Twitter for WordPress – I haven’t used this plugin, but I can see why it is popular. It shows your latest tweets in your sidebar.

Twitter Tools – Everyone knows Alex King is an amazing plugin developer, and so his Twitter Tools suite is no exception. It fits into both categories, allowing you to display your tweets on your blog, as well as pushing out blog post information to Twitter.

My favourite piece from his FAQ on the plugin:

What happens if I have both my tweets posting to my blog as posts and my posts sent to Twitter? Will it cause the world to end in a spinning fireball of death?

Actually, Twitter Tools has taken this into account and you can safely enable both creating posts from your tweets and tweets from your posts without duplicating them in either place.

MyTwitter – Another simple plugin to see your Twitter messages on your blog.

MyTwitter allows users to display their recent Twitter status updates (tweets) on their WordPress site and update their status through the Options page. Includes customization options including number of recent twitters to display, formatting options, and stylesheets. It can be called as a function or used as a widget.

Twitter Feed – Looking a lot like your Twitter page, Twitter Feed is a nice widget for displaying recent tweets. It looks well featured, and highly configurable. An exciting way to display interactions with Twitter.

Pushing Blog Posts to Twitter

Twitme – If all you want is to push your blog post links to your Twitter friends and followers, Twitme should do that just fine. Last updated only two weeks ago, this plugin is still in constant development.

Twitpress – In the same vein as Twitme, Twitpress also takes blog posts, and automatically pushes information about them to your Twitter account.

Bird Feeder – Yet another blog post to Twitter plugin. This one was also recently updated, and is focused on fulfilling its single function as quickly, and as easily as possible.

WP to Twitter – This is the plugin I generally use to feed my blog posts to Twitter, and it has always worked quite well for me.

The WP-to-Twitter plugin posts a Twitter status update from your blog using the URL shortening service to provide a link back to your post from Twitter.

Other Interactions with Twitter

Tweetbacks – Created by a good friend, Joost de Valk, Tweetbacks brings responses to your posts on Twitter, back into your blog.

People are talking about your posts, and not only in the comments to your post. A lot of that conversation is happening on Twitter, and now, you can take that conversation right back to your blog! This plugin imports those tweets about your posts as comments. You can display them in between the other comments on your blog, or display them separately.

Tweet Tweet – One of the better known WordPress related figures, Donncha O Caoimh has created a plugin to back up your Twitter messages.

This plugin archives your tweets, and the tweets of those you follow in your database. It also stores replies from other people, as well as direct messages.

TwitterCounter – Much like people show off their RSS feed subscribers in a little “chicklet” box, this plugin allows you to show off the number of Twitter followers you have. Created by Ajay D’Souza and Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten.

TweetRoll – Much like a blogroll, or those friend boxes from various blogging communities, TweetRoll displays some of your followers in a fancy widget that will hopefully increase your subscribers and give attention to those you follow.

These of course, are but a few of the hundreds of WordPress plugins available to bloggers to interact with Twitter in different ways. There are services, full scripts, and more that can be utilized to closer tie your blogging and Twitter together.

What are your favourite Twitter related WordPress plugins?

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