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Matt is Not WordPress

A great guy, Elliot Back just put up a post about the WordPress dashboard that made me cry out “thank you” as I now know I am not alone in feeling this way.

He says:

Since half of the items in my dashboard are currently irrelevant to me as a WordPress user, hopefully the time is approaching when Matt’s personal feed will be replaced or removed.

The dashboard has always been a touchy issue with me since Blogging Pro was never added back to the dashboard once I took it over many years ago, but to watch as certain blogs or types of posts totally take over what should really be a WordPress related community area makes me even more frustrated.

Does it help you to know where Matt currently is in the world? Maybe, all blogs in the WordPress dashboard feed should just be based on category RSS rather than the entire blog and everything it posts?

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  1. Pascal says: 1/26/2009

    Matt is the new Tom from MySpace ;-)


  2. ...paul says: 1/26/2009

    I have thought of removing that feed from my dashboard; but then I might miss something that does matter.


  3. James says: 1/26/2009

    Yup, totally agree. If it’s not WordPress then I don’t want it in my WordPress feed. Category filtering is easy.


  4. franky ) says: 1/27/2009

    Would be more interesting if Matt’s feed were restricted to just WordPress content like other main dev’s feeds.

    Then again, why does only Matt have a footer link on


  5. Dr. Mike Wendell says: 2/9/2009

    Matt’s just sore they he lost his beloved position in the default blogroll. That’s why links are present (and have been for quite some time) at and, both the site as well as the forums.

    He’s been caught spamming before. This isn;t the first time and I doubt it’ll be the last.


  6. Jeffro ) says: 2/10/2009

    @Dr. Mike Wendell – Matt has fessed up to making mistakes in the past, including the one you mentioned that dealt with spamming. It’s not as if that was his intention. He made a mistake early on in the project and I don’t see any reason to keep raking him over the fire for a mistake he made years ago. It’s comments like yours that don’t do anyone in the WordPress community any good. I don’t consider Ma.tts personal blog entries in the dashboard to be considered spam either.